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Sony PSPgo not gone...yet
We brought you earlier news of the Sony PSPgo being confirmed as “dead”, but that isn’t the case apparently now, as there seems to be a U-turn, or at least it just goes to show that the PSPgo has a longer life than what was originally anticipated. Sony did mention today that even as the PSPgo rides into the sunset in ironically, the Land of the Rising Sun, North America […]

PSPgo Price Reduced To $199 In The US
The PSPgo was previously rumored to be headed for a price drop and now the news is finally official. Sony has confirmed that it will be slashing the price of the PSPgo portable game console from $249 to $199 in the US, and from 26,800 Yen in Japan to 16,800 Yen. The PSPgo was launched about a year back and this price cut comes just in time for the holiday […]

Was The Sony PSPgo An Experiment?
While the sales figures of Sony’s PSPgo were never officially revealed, the consensus is that sales of the device were far from overwhelming. In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss, Andrew House, admitted that they learnt a lot from the PSPgo. While many folks were disappointed with the lack of a UMD drive, essentially forcing them to ditch their previously purchased games, Andrew House admitted that one […]

PSP Go modded again
Another day, another PSP Go. Either the device is really that popular, or Sony made a mess out of its design, leading people to perform their own worthy mods to keep up with the times. This modded model comes with glowing buttons, flashing lights and the works that turns it into a portable disco ball light. What are some of the more interesting mods you would like to see hit […]