We brought you earlier news of the Sony PSPgo being confirmed as “dead”, but that isn’t the case apparently now, as there seems to be a U-turn, or at least it just goes to show that the PSPgo has a longer life than what was originally anticipated. Sony did mention today that even as the PSPgo rides into the sunset in ironically, the Land of the Rising Sun, North America will not be affected – for now, anyways.

Sony of America issued a statement that promised it was “continuing production” of the handheld console for Canada and the US. No idea on how much longer that will happen or continue, but we do know it doesn’t much sense for the PSPgo to hang around when the Next Generation Portable is just around the corner.

It has been some time already for the PSPgo to prove itself, but that hasn’t happened until now, as the Nintendo DS (and its variants, of course) as well as the vanilla PSP have long ruled over the UMD-less PSPgo, not to mention having a higher price tag which surely will not help its case.

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