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Sony Vaio Flip PC Comes in 13, 14 and 15 Inches
Since nearly all new Vaio computers are using a touch display, Sony thought that it was time to re-think how people would want to use their laptops. The idea behind the Vaio Flip is that with touch, it would be nice to have a “real laptop” that also offers a “flat” mode that is more touch-centric, maybe closer to a table computer than a classic tablet. Finally, having a “viewing” […]

Sony Vaio Tap 11 Competes With The Surface Pro
At IFA 2013, Sony introduces the Vaio Tap 11, a tablet-PC that is super-thin (0.39”) and comes with a detachable keyboard-cover. This is a beautiful design, and it turns out that this is NOT a slow computer. Despite its small internal volume, the Vaio Tap 11 can use the latest Intel Core processor – up to Core i7, says Sony. This is quite a feat for a device that would […]

Sony Vaio Tap 21 All-In-One PC
The Sony Vaio Tap 21 is an all-in-one (AOI) PC that refines the design of the original Vaio Tap 20 launched last year. The Tap 21 addresses this new trend of having home computers be somewhat “mobile” within the home. The battery life is of course relatively limited (a few hours in general), but this is a new usage model, so it’s fair to say that things will evolve quickly […]

Sony Vaio Red Edition Coming To U.S. Starting At $2,000
It’s been a couple of weeks since we heard any news regarding Sony’s Vaio line as the last bit of news we reported was on their new Vaio Duo, which is the company’s “slider hybrid” machine. It seems those weeks of silence have now been broken as Sony is announcing a new line of luxury Vaio laptops that are being called “Red Edition” and is not only adding a fresh coat […]


New Sony Vaio Duo Pushes "Slider Hybrid" Concept Further
At Computex 2013 Sony is refreshing its Vaio Duo hybrid which is a tablet PC that can slide out to become a laptop. The new design improves upon the previous generation in significant ways. First, the overall design is thinner, slicker, better. If Sony wants users to see this as a tablet, it can’t be too thick. Obviously, we are talking about a slate/tablet PC here, not about something like […]

Sony Vaio Pro 11 Is Lightest Ultrabook Weighing 2.2 Pounds
Sony is showing off its Vaio Pro 11 at Computex, which weighs in at only 2.2 pounds.

Sony Introduces Vaio Fit Line To Offer A 'Step Up' From Entry-Level Laptops
Sony has been manufacturing its Vaio line of laptops for several years now with a number of series within the brand such as its Vaio S, Vaio E and Vaio Z. Today, it looks as though Sony will finally be simplifying its Vaio brand with their newly announced Vaio Fit line.The Vaio Fit laptops are being introduced for customers who want a budget-friendly laptop, but also want it to be […]

Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook
Sony announced its new VAIO lineup with the latest Intel Ivy bridge processors, and with the T series, the Japanese manufacturer is officially entering the Ultrabook market in the US. The Sony VAIO T has been announced a month earlier in Europe, so the specifications will be no news.Powered by a 3rd gen Intel Core i7-3517U (Ultra Low Power) or a Core i5-3317U (Ultra Low Power), the unit sports a […]

Sony VAIO S Series laptop announced
Sony has expanded their family of VAIO laptops with the new S Series which will feature a 15.5″ Full HD 1080p display alongside a slim and light design – and if you foresee that you will be spending most of the time out of the office, how about picking up the optional sheet battery as well to go along for all day mobility? Measuring less than an inch thin and […]

Sony VAIO L Series helps you explore a 3D environment
Sony has a brand new VAIO to grace their family of computers, where it will come under the L Series banner. This 24″ all-in-one 3D touchscreen multimedia computer will come with an extremely small footprint to fit into small places and cramped apartments, while adding a touch of aesthetic beauty to the environment.Can’t get enough of stereoscopic 3D in the cinemas? Fret not, the Sony VAIO L Series will be […]

Sony announces VAIO S Series laptop for performance oriented folks
Sony is back at the forefront of laptop releases, what with the VAIO S Series this time around sporting a 13.3-inch screen form factor. It doesn’t sacrifice the mobility of VAIO laptops, where it will offer both Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors (depending on your needs, of course) alongside Hybrid Graphics – not to mention its dual channel solid state drive options (on select models, of course). On […]

Sony Vaio C: a Powerul and Colorful Laptop
Sony has announced the Vaio C Series, a new line of laptops that leverage design and performance to offer users a complete multimedia experience in a good-looking form-factor. It’s obvious that Sony wants to make a splash with this laptop, and they are not shy about it. Painted with Vivid colors, the Vaio C comes in neon green and orange -two colors usually associated with edgy consumer technology by many […]

Sony VAIO F Series: the Ultimate 3D Laptop
[CES 2011] The consumer electronics industry needs to sell more computing power to mainstream consumers who now own “good enough” devices; so, pushing 3D to all screens is a good strategy to convince people to upgrade. At CES, Sony unveiled its VAIO F Series laptop equipped with a 16.0″ Full HD 3D LED widescreen backlit display that works with the same active shutter glasses used with the Bravia 3D TV. […]

Sony VAIO L Touch PC and HDTV
[CES 2011] The new All-in-One Sony VAIO L boasts a 24-inch multi-touch screen with an extended touchable area , DVR capability for video recording to Blu-ray Disc or to its high capacity hard drive, Dolby Home Theater technology, HDMI output, wireless keyboard and mouse.The touch interface provides quick access to TV channels, web pages, media content on the computer, and users can zoom by touching the black glass sections on […]

Sony VAIO Holiday Signature Collection Laptops Bring a Touch of Style
If you want a nice laptop with some glamorized styling touches as gifts for the holidays, then Sony’s got a few options for you in the company’s VAIO lineup. The Holiday Signature Collection brings a few models, depending on what your tastes may be, including a pink crocodile embossed VAIO P, the return of the gold and black Arabesque design on the VAIO EA, a VAIO Z with infinite stripes, […]

Sony 3D Vaio notebook spotted at IFA 2010
Engadget managed to take a peek at a yet-unreleased Sony 3D Vaio notebook which is tipped to arrive in the market next year. That particular notebook is said to come with a 3D display that has a 240Hz refresh rate, and you can be sure that the 3D display itself will not be manufactured by Sharp because you will need to utilize Bravia shutter glasses instead. What was shown off […]

Sony VAIO E Color Combo site spruces up your life
Love plenty of colors? You might be interested to know that Sony has come up with a VAIO E Color Combo site, letting you play around with a slew of colors before making that purchase decision on a new VAIO E. Of course, good taste is a very personal thing, so what you think could be your very own masterpiece could very well be considered as bollocks in the eyes […]

Sony recalls 500,000 VAIO laptops due to potential overheating issues
Sony has issued a recall for over half a million of its VAIO laptops that are at risk of overheating, with the potential capability of causing burns in the most dire of situations. According to Sony, their heat-monitoring chips that are used in its VAIO F and C series of laptops which rolled out in January earlier this year has a chance of being defective, resulting them to overheat and […]

Sony VAIO X updated
The Sony VAIO X that was launched in Japan will also see a quartet of new and updated models from that line hitting North America, coming in black, silver, gold and pink colors. The VAIO X series notebook is meant to succeed the VAIO TT series in the US, where it will sport 2GB RAM, an Intel Atom Z550 processor, SSD for its storage, integrated graphics, Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11n […]

New Sony VAIO P To Begin Shipping A Week Early
Have you been waiting to get your hands on the latest Sony VAIO P that was unveiled a short while ago? If you’re the impatient type, there’s some good news for you, as the notebook that went up for pre-order on June 8th will begin shipping tomorrow, a whole week earlier than was originally promised. The new shipping dates mean that four of the five colors will be shipping tomorrow, […]