Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group, which is engaged in business through its four operating segments – Electronics, Motion pictures, Music and Financial Services. These make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony’s principal business operations include Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Mobile Communications, and Sony Financial. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders and third-largest television manufacturer in the world, after Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Via Freebase

Possible New Sony Handset Spotted At User Agent Profile
With companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola pushing out brand new handsets, one particular company has been rather quiet on that front and it is none other than Sony. The company’s smartphone efforts haven’t been quite on the same level compared to the rest, but it looks like they could still have something up their sleeves.

Naughty Dog Explains Why ‘The Last Of Us 2’ Wasn’t At E3
As expected during E3 2017, there were plenty of games that were revealed during the event, but if there was one title that was conspicuously missing, it was Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2. The game was officially announced towards the end of 2016, which meant that E3 would have been a perfect venue for the developers to share some updates and show what they’ve got so far.

Sony Explains Why They’re Not Allowing For Cross-Platform Minecraft
As you might heard, some rather big news came out of E3 in the form of Minecraft where Microsoft announced that they would be making the game cross-platform compatible. This means that gamers across multiple platforms would be able to play the game together, whether they be on mobile, the Nintendo Switch, or the Xbox One.

PS4 Sales Have Hit 60.4 Million Worldwide
As far as the current-gen consoles are concerned, it seems that Sony’s PS4 is leading the pack as during E3 2017, Sony announced that they have managed to sell 60.4 million units of the PS4 to customers worldwide to date. This is double the amount from when Sony announced their sales back in November 2015 where they had sold 30 million units.


Gran Turismo Sport Will Be Released In The Fall Of 2017
With Microsoft having Forza as its Xbox racing game, Sony’s answer to that would be in the form of the Gran Turismo franchise. Now the latest title in the franchise would be Gran Turismo Sport which was announced last year, and was also slated for a release in November 2016. Clearly that did not happen.

PlayLink For PS4 Is A New Way From Sony To Play Games
Sony has introduced an exciting new way to play games with friends and family. It’s called PlayLink for PS4. Basically, what PlayLink does is that it combines your smartphone or tablet, TV, and PS4 console with a new collection of games that are designed to take advantage of the screen real estate offered by the smartphone or tablet and its camera capabilities.

Microsoft Doesn't See PS4 Pro As An Xbox One X Competitor
Microsoft finally unveiled its Project Scorpio console a couple of days ago. It’s the most powerful Xbox that the company has ever built and Microsoft says that it’s also the most powerful console ever made. The Xbox One X is capable of powering 4K games which is something that the PlayStation 4 Pro can do as well, but Microsoft doesn’t see Sony’s souped up console as a competitor to the […]

Exclusive PS4 Content For Destiny 2 Will Remain Until 2018
Bungie had announced Destiny 2 well before the E3 2017 gaming convention but several additional details about the title were confirmed during Sony’s press conference. Bungie confirmed that it was moving up the console release of Destiny 2 by two days. It also detailed the exclusive PS4 content for Destiny 2 and pointed out how long PS4 owners will be able to claim this content for themselves only.

New Spider-Man Game Is A PS4 Exclusive Due Next Year
There were reports recently that Sony might reveal details about a new Spider-Man game and the company went through with it at its E3 2017 press conference in Los Angeles. There’s a new Spider-Man game that’s being developed by Insomniac Games. We now know that this game is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and that it’s going to be released next year.

New God Of War Gameplay Trailer Released
If you were looking forward to playing God of War this year, you will be disappointed. It was initially speculated that the game could be released in 2017 thanks to a listing on YouTube Gaming which set the date of release as the 28th of November. However it seems that the game will only be released in 2018.

Sony A7III Rumored For This Fall, Will Use The A9’s Autofocus System
If you’re looking for a new addition to Sony’s A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, you might only have to wait until the coming fall. According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they have heard from one of their sources that the Sony A7III camera is expected to be announced this coming fall.

God Of War Could Be Released On 28th November
Last year Sony unveiled a new God of War title, and what makes this particular title is that not only will it feature Kratos (which is to be expected), but it will also feature his son and based on the gameplay videos, gamers will sort of be playing both characters which does make for pretty unique gameplay for the franchise.

Sony Apparently ‘Refused’ A Cross-Platform Minecraft
During E3 2017 yesterday, Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be cross-platform compatible, in which gamers on different gaming platforms such as mobile, PC, or console, will be able to play with each other. This covered pretty much every console out there, including the Nintendo Switch.

Sony PlayStation Video App For Android TV Released
Sony’s PlayStation Video app is a great resource if you want to watch movies and TV shows that you have already purchased through the PlayStation Store. Android TV feels like a natural home for this app as it will enable users to view that content on the biggest screen in their home. Sony has figured that out as well which is why the company has released the PlayStation Video app […]