Angry Birds speakers

Now this is definitely the far more legitimate method of making money for Rovio (compared to a public park rip off, that is), that is to make creative use of the Angry Birds franchise in churning out collectibles and items that concern the group of green (with envy, perhaps) porcine friends in addition to avians who need to attend some anger management classes. We’re talking about Angry Birds speaker docs […]

Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker

Here is something for the kids – the Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker which might just appeal to those who wish their kids had the experience of watching Lion King and getting enchanted by hand-drawn cartoons instead of all the computer rendered, 3D stuff which shows up at cinemas these days. “The lion speaks tonight”, or so the tagline goes, with this £38.99 purchase. Nice to know the Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal […]

LiveAudio for JAMBOX Delivers Spatial Sound

We have published about JAMBOX, the brilliant compact Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone, when it launched back in November 2010. Today, Jawbone the innovative audio company behind JAMBOX, is releasing LiveAudio a new feature that delivers a great spatial sound experience. Basically, when you turn LiveAudio on, you can hear different sounds close to your left ear and your right ear.  LiveAudio leverage the binaural technology invented in the sixties that […]

Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger Speaker is cute and retro

Sick and tired of all the plain-looking iPhone speaker docks available on the market, but want something cooler than just a regular Bamboo speaker dock? Ozaki has the answer for you in the form of the iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger Speaker. This fancy looking speaker dock for your iPhone will give you a speaker that’s designed in the shape of a gramophone instead of the cylinders and boxes we’re so […]


Logitech Tablet speaker lets you enjoy your music wherever you go

If you think that the speakers on your tablet aren’t loud enough, especially if you’re doing something like watching a movie next to the dishwasher or washing machine to pass time, Logitech has come up with something just for you. Called the Logitech Tablet Speaker, this handy battery-powered accessory attaches to the top or side of your tablet and replaces the sound from your tablet’s tiny speakers with loud, clear, […]

H2O Audio Xplorer Portable Speaker Case is rugged

If you need a portable speaker case to keep your MP3 player or smartphone safe so you can listen to music while you chill by the pool, go camping or even cycle long distances – you’re going to need something that’s durable and built to last, and that’s what the H2O Audio Xplorer Portable Speaker Case is. Designed for such usage, the Xplorer Portable Speaker Case keeps your mobile device […]

Sonos Play:3 Released

Sonos has released Play:3, a new speaker system that will drive its offering below $300. The Play 3 has three internal spakers (hence its name) and is smaller than many (if not most) speaker systems for iPhone/iPod. At this price point, the Sonos become a real alternative for smartphone users. It’s even better because it works with Android devices and computers as well. If you are not familiar with the […]

ION WATER ROCKER lets you bring your music to the pool

There are so many external speaker solutions available on the market at the moment to let you blast pump up the volume of your iPod when you’re listening to music, but how many of them actually let you listen to music while you’re chilling out in a swimming pool? The WATER ROCKER from ION lets you do just that. It is made up of two components – a transmitter and […]

Sony CMT-CX5 HiFi system looks like the S2 tablet

If you’re a fan of matching accessories with matching gadgets, you might want to check out Sony’s upcoming wall mountable hi-fi system. Called the CMT-CX5, it looks just like Sony’s upcoming S2 tablet when it’s folded up. Featuring a sleek finish and nice, elegant curves, this hi-fi system looks like a nice addition to complement any music room or blank wall in the house. Playing music from a variety of […]

Genius SP-HF2020 speaker system is versatile

Tired of flat sounding audio coming from your computer speakers? Looking for something with a little more oomph? Well, the folks over at Genius have just announced the launch of its new SP-HF2020 Speaker System that’s designed to spice up your audio – after all, no matter how good the quality of your soundcard, or the source of audio is – you’ll need a good set of speakers to do […]

Wooden iPad speaker dock doesn’t use batteries

Going green is a pretty big trend nowadays and it sure seems like iDevice speaker docks are some of the more popular accessories around. We’ve covered a number of them in the past, including a bamboo speaker dock, well now we’ve got one more to add to the list. From designer YellowGlueBlues, this wooden iPad speaker dock does what all the other speaker docks do: amplify the sound coming out […]

Arcam rCube wireless docking station plays music from your Apple devices

The folks over at American Audio and Video have just announced that the rCube portable high-end iPod/iPhone/iPad sound system from Arcam is now on sale at select Magnolia Audio Video outlets in the country. The SVI Trade winner for “best iPod dock”, the rCube is one sweet looking device. In addition to looking good, the device performs as well, delivering hi-fidelity sound that are streaming from Apple devices and computers. […]

Nokia Play 360: the NFC-enabled speaker

Right now if we want to play music from our phones to external speakers wirelessly, it’s quite a troublesome process. We have to load up the app, pair the speakers with our phones and then start playing the music. Well, the folks over at Nokia have managed to make things easier – with the use of NFC technology. At the Nokia Connection 2011 event today, Nokia showed off the Nokia […]

iBamboo Speaker is a green iPhone speaker dock

As we’ve mentioned countless times on the blog, we’re always keen on covering green products, and the iBamboo Speaker is no exception. Merging technology with nature, this iPhone dock takes the simplicity of nature combined with acoustic technology to bring us an audio amplification device that’s 100% recyclable and safe for the environment. While the iBamboo Speaker dock doesn’t charge your iPhone while it is in use, it does amplify […]