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HTC HD7/HD3 Full Specifications Leaked!
Plenty of leaks on the upcoming HTC HD3/HD7 (or whatever it will finally be called) have been going around recently. First we had a leaked diagram, and then leaked pictures, and now the technical specifications of the device have surfaced too. The support for the AWS bands hints that it might be headed for T-Mobile USA, and it should sport specifications such as:

Belkin fully complies with IEEE 802.11n specification
Having announced that the IEEE has made its 802.11n specification official, Belkin follows suit by blowing its trumpet and letting everyone know that its 802.11n wireless networking products are fully compliant to the IEEE standard, ready to use right out of the box without the need to download firmware upgrades or other software. Among the compliant devices are :- N Wireless Routers (F5D8233-4, F5D8236-4) and Modem Routers (F5D8633-4, F5D8636-4) N+ […]

iPhone 3GS Has Twice the RAM (Confirmed)
Thanks to T-Mobile Netherlands, we now know for sure that Apple has effectively double the amount of memory in the iPhone 3GS. Some have speculated that it was likely a performance booster for the new phone in web benchmarks. The 600Mhz processor is also in the list of features, something that leaked out from China before WWDC. At Ubergizmo, we also believe that Apple improved the power leakage of the new […]