Spigen And Ossia Team Up For A ‘True’ Wireless Charging Case

For years we have been waiting to see “true” wireless charging. These days wireless charging means putting our devices on a charging pad, which in a way still leaves us tethered because when our devices leave the pad, it stops charging. However that future of true wireless charging could be getting close, and Spigen and Ossia could help usher that era in.

Essential Already Has A Trademark Infringement Problem

Essential, a company formed by ex-Googler and co-founder of Android Andy Rubin, recently unveiled its first smartphone called Essential Phone. The handset is yet to be released and the company already finds itself in a trademark infringement problem.

Alleged Spigen Cases For The Galaxy S8 Revealed

By now thanks to various leaks, what the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like is no longer a mystery, that is unless Samsung has been pulling a fast one on everyone and the official phone will look nothing like the leaks. However having more images is always welcome and thanks to the folks at Android Pure, they’ve managed to obtain some photos of Spigen’s cases for the phone.

Spigen’s Cases For The Pixel XL Are Available On Amazon

So recently Canadian carrier Bell pretty much confirmed what the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone would look like. Now it looks like accessory maker Spigen is hopping on that boat because on a listing on Amazon, the company has already put up cases designed for the upcoming Pixel XL smartphone.


Spigen Launches A Strap For Your AirPods

During Apple’s iPhone 7 event last week, the company also took the wraps off a pair of brand new wireless headphones called the AirPods. These are basically the wireless version of the EarPods, and while it does seem to pack some nifty features, we can’t say we’re fans of the design as they essentially look like EarPods with the cable ripped out.

Spigen Unveils The Best Cases For The Galaxy Note 7

By now and unless Samsung pulls a fast one on us, we kind of know what the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will look like. Perhaps corroborating the rumors, or maybe just hopping onto the bandwagon, smartphone accessory maker Spigen has unveiled a series of cases that they claim are the best cases for the Galaxy Note 7.

Spigen Teases iPhone 6s/6s Plus Rose Gold Option

It is largely assumed that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will launch in at least three different colors: silver, space grey, and gold. However recent rumors have surfaced which has suggested that we can look forward to a rose gold option, and perhaps either basing this off the rumors or maybe they have some insider knowledge, Spigen has started teasing rose gold options too.For those who are unfamiliar, Spigen […]

Spigen Hints At Galaxy S6’s Design In New Cases

What does the Samsung Galaxy S6 look like? Last we heard, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could feature a combination of both metal and glass and will feature a new design thanks to the new direction Samsung is heading in. While that remains to be seen, case manufacturer Spigen has recently unveiled (via Droid-Life) cases which they claim are for the upcoming Galaxy S6.Within those cases are renders of what they […]

Spigen Lists iPhone 6 Cases On eBay

The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced on the 9th of September if the rumors are to be believed, and so far assuming that all the leaks we’ve seen so far are accurate, we pretty much know what the iPhone 6 will look like now. That being said there is always a chance that the rumors and leaks are wrong but apparently case manufacturer Spigen is pretty confident about […]

Spigen’s iPhone 6 Cases Hints At The Phone’s Design

A little over a week ago, accessory manufacturer Spigen announced that they would begin taking preorders for the iPhone 6 cases. This is a bold move by the manufacturer as the final design of the phone still remains to be seen, unless you were to take into account all the recent leaks that we have been seeing.That being said, Spigen has recently uploaded more photos of its cases onto Amazon, […]