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HTC Teams Up With Sprint For A 5G Hub
It is unclear what HTC’s plans for the future will be with regards to mobile devices. The company’s smartphones haven’t exactly been well-received to date, but it seems that HTC plans on sticking around although with slightly different products. The company has recently taken the wraps off a new piece of hardware dubbed the HTC 5G Hub that they plan on launching with Sprint in the spring of 2019.

Nintendo Wii U Spring Update Coming Next Week With Additional Improvements
The long-awaited Wii U spring system update was first announced at the beginning of this year and said to be released later this month. Nintendo announced this morning its upcoming system update for the Wii U will be releasing next week.Nintendo won’t only be improving the speed performance of the Wii U with its spring update, but it will also be adding a number of overall system improvements to make your experience […]

Nintendo Shows Wii U Speed Improvement After Installing April Update
Nintendo announced it would be releasing a system update this spring to help address some of the speed issues the system has been having. April is when Wii U owners can expect the update to be released, but just how fast will the console be after its update is released?Nintendo released a video this morning answering that very question as they return to the Wii U Menu from a New Super Mario […]

White iPhone 4 spotted in leaked Verizon inventory listing
After months of false hopes, countless leaks, and tormenting teases – the white iPhone 4 will finally make its way into the hands of consumers. The legendary white iPhone 4 has somehow managed to find its way out of its fantasy world and into ours. Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be arriving this spring. Well since the end […]


White iPhone 4 confirmed by Apple
Yesterday it was rumored that the white iPhone 4, due to arrive next month is currently in production. According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be arriving this spring, which means the wait won’t be too long. With rumors of the iPhone 5 being delayed until the end of the year, the white iPhone 4 might help keep […]

Nintendo Wii 2 launching this spring?
Now we all know that Nintendo won’t be releasing any in-house developed games this spring, but what does it all mean? In an interesting analysis posted up on Kotaku, Nintendo’s drought of games might actually be the opposite of their developers taking a well-deserved break from pumping out new games for their current consoles (3DS, DS, and Wii). According to the data of Nintendo’s game release history for the past […]

Microsoft releasing Kinect Software Development Kit this spring
Great news for all Kinect hackers and enthusiasts out there – Microsoft will be releasing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Kinect on Windows 7. No longer will users have to rely on the raw data that they’ve been extracting from the device with custom open source software for their mods and hacks – they will soon get official tools to unleash the full power of the Kinect. The […]