Nintendo announced it would be releasing a system update this spring to help address some of the speed issues the system has been having. April is when Wii U owners can expect the update to be released, but just how fast will the console be after its update is released?

Nintendo released a video this morning answering that very question as they return to the Wii U Menu from a New Super Mario Bros. U game that is currently running. After the system update is installed, the Wii U will take a total of 8 seconds to load the Wii U Menu, based on the video Nintendo published. This is a huge improvement as we can see the Wii U that doesn’t have the spring update takes nearly 3x as long to load the Wii U Menu, which clocks in at around 23 seconds of an agonizing wait time.

This is certainly a step in the right direction for the Wii U, who hasn’t been having the greatest past couple of months in terms of how many units it has sold in the U.S. Hopefully the planned summer update will help make the system a must-have console to own.

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