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Onyx Is The Real World Star Trek Communicator Badge
Sometimes, truth can be stranger than fiction, and what we are most interested to see is how fiction can sometimes be a prophecy of sorts, an insight of what is to come in the corporeal world. Take Minority Report’s touch-based interface for instance – we are no longer fascinated by it any more these days. How about the Communicator Badge from Star Trek? That continued to be elusive, coming in […]

Oculus Rift Gives You A Taste Of The USS Voyager Bridge
Fans of the Star Trek universe, heads up! Literally, of course, since here we are with something from the Oculus Rift that might make you get lost for hours on end as you explore the bridge of the USS Voyager from the Star Trek series. Just to recap, the Oculus Rift happens to be a virtual reality headset that is being developed at the moment, enabling gamers to be able […]

Star Trek Teleportation Prank Convinces People Scotty Can Beam Us Up
Taking a trip to the mall could turn into an all-day event if you just so happen to make the trip with someone who literally can shop until they proceed to drop. There are some neat stores and kiosks in the mall that try their absolute best to get as much money out of your bank account as fast as possible. If this prank ever became a reality, we’re sure […]

NSA Director Might Have Starship Enterprise Bridge Replica
All right, this might sound a little bit strange to some of you out there, but apparently, leaked documents do point towards the very real possibility of the folks over at the NSA actually owning a replica facility of the Starship Enterprise’s iconic bridge. Yes sir, we are talking about the very same flagship vessel from the sci-fi series, Star Trek. A Foreign Policy investigation concerning NSA director Keith Alexander […]


Government Website Has Klingon Translation On Offer
How is your grasp with languages? What if we were to tell you that an Illinois Department of Employment Security professional is capable of appealing your denied claim in Klingon? For those of you who have never had anything to do with Star Trek before, it would do you well to know that Klingon is an unofficial language which was created for humanoid characters in the “Star Trek” TV series […]

Star Trek Inspired Theme Park Approved In Jordan
Star Trek inspired theme park in Jordan approved by King.

Acer Aspire R7 Star Trek Limited Edition Being Auctioned Off June 14
Acer will auction off a Star Trek-inspired Aspire R7 later this month.

Bing Star Trek Easter Egg
It was just a couple of days ago when we saw how Google had a Breakout Easter Egg to tease the masses with in their search engine, and certainly their search engine rival, Microsoft, does not want to get left behind in the “game”. This has resulted in Microsoft’s Bing homepage helping you to boldly go where no homepage has gone before. Surely Star Trek fans would know by now […]

Starship Enterprise Gets Kre-Oed
For folks who think that Kre-O is a cheap imitation of Lego, well, I guess you are entitled to your point of view, but seriously, imagine if Apple were the only company in the world to come up with a smartphone, won’t other handsets in the market be considered as a knockoff? Well, with Lego maintaining the right to come up with Star Wars bricked sets, it would make perfect […]

Google Doodle Shows Off Star Trek With Cute Animations
The 46th anniversary of the original Star Trek series is tomorrow. In commemoration for the occasion, Google has splashed a Star Trek doodle across its home page. The doodle is colorful and fun. Rather than being a mere image, it is an interactive animation.You start from six Star Trek characters, draped in Google’s own spelling alphabets, standing in a kind of control room. Once you click the door, you are […]

DIY Star Trek phaser is dangerous enough to pop a balloon
Star Trek fans if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make your own phaser, well, it looks like one guy already did and has since uploaded a video onto YouTube showing it in action. It should be noted that the smokiness in the video was there on purpose in order for users to see the laser coming out of the device.

Star Trek tricorder runs on Linux, specifications revealed
We have seen some attempts in the past at creating a Star Trek tricorder, and this time around, what started off as a hobby project of a cognitive science researcher. Dr. Peter Jansen, has ended up as a real world tricorder inspired by Star Trek. This handheld mobile computing device will come with its fair share of sophisticated integrated sensors in order to work flawlessly, and it runs off the […]

Microsoft Universal Translator renders C3PO obsolete
The Microsoft Universal Translator might just realize what Star Trek fans have always looked forward to, the ability to translate spoken English into different tongues. Right now, we are talking about just 26 languages, and I am quite sure that there will be many other languages supported sometime down the road. The software itself will speak in the user’s own voice, and it is capable of speaking smoothly in sentences […]

USS Enterprise coffee table is for Star Trek fans
If you’re a fan of Star Trek, and you’re looking for a piece of furniture that represents your allegiance to the franchise, this USS Enterprise table might be right up your alley. Created by artist Barry Shields, it is made from ash, poplar and cherry wood. It took a month to complete and features a glass top that makes it look like it is in motion, with a base that […]