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Star Trek Combo Pack Is Paramount's First 4K Blu-ray Release
Paramount is going to come out with its first Blu-ray releases in 4K Ultra HD in the near future. The first releases include Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, they will be available for purchase starting June 14th as the company commemorates the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the very first Star Trek episode on NBC.

Postal Service Honors Star Trek And New Horizons With Special Stamps
It’s quite usual for the United States Postal Service to issue special stamps from time to time that celebrate a particular event in history or a distinguished personality. The service has provided a preview of its 2016 stamp program in which special stamps will be issued to honor the likes of Star Trek, NASA’s New Horizons mission, Shirley Temple aside from the holidays, soda fountain fans and much more.Trekkies will […]

Official Star Trek Beyond Trailer Released
Earlier today a German version of the Star Trek Beyond film leaked online, fans were obviously excited to see a trailer for the third film in this franchise, but since it wasn’t an official release it felt like the trailer could be yanked offline at any time. Paramount Pictures did one better though, it released the official trailer for this movie in English, so you don’t need to know German […]

Google Actually Made A Star Trek-like Communicator Prototype
If you’ve seen Star Trek, you know that the pins the characters wear on their uniforms aren’t just there for decoration, and they are actually a communicator that when pressed, allows them to speak to other members of the crew. Back in the day the concept was kind of revolutionary, and fast forward to today, it is possible to actually create one.In fact according to a report published by TIME, […]


New Star Trek Series Airs In 2017
Reboots are all the rage these days and one iconic series that has developed a cult following over the years is headed for a reboot as well, Star Trek fans will be delighted to find out that CBS has confirmed that a new Star Trek series is going to air in 2017. The network has confirmed that the new series is being developed and that it will air in January […]

Star Trek Enterprise Virtual Tour Is Every Fan’s Dream Come True
We reckon that at the rate we are going, it will probably be a while before we start looking at spaceships that are as futuristic as the Star Trek Enterprise. Granted spaceships themselves are pretty hi-tech as it is, but sometimes fiction has the tendency to set some pretty high expectations.Now if you’ve always been curious about what being on board the Star Trek Enterprise is like, there is a […]

Star Trek Communicator For Your Smartphone Is Just Perfect
Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the iconic sci-fi show’s Communicator which has up till now only been a prop on a TV show, but it’s going to serve a real purpose very soon. It has been confirmed that the Star Trek Communicator will be released as a Bluetooth accessory so you’ll be able to use it with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. It has been manufactured by The Wand Company and […]

Next Star Trek Flick Will Be Called ‘Star Trek Beyond’ 
The third installment of the Star Trek has been confirmed and it will be known as Star Trek Beyond. The director Justin Lin took to Twitter to announce about the forthcoming flick, the tweet included an image of Star Trek franchise’s well known delta shield on a retro looking sleeve patch.Retro patch takes you all the way back to the great ‘60s and brings back all the memories about the […]

What Does A Star Trek Enterprise Home Office Look Like?
There are many different kinds of questions that are sure to be asked in life, and this particular one certainly deserves its place. After all, if you have an insane amount of money, would you want to refurbish your home to have it look like that of the U.S.S. Enterprise starship from the Star Trek series? A certain Tim Baker and his crew as featured on the “Super-Fan Builds” web […]

Chinese Game Developer Takes Inspiration From Star Trek For Its Offices
Major tech companies spend insane amounts of money to build their offices around a certain theme and design language, it’s yet another avenue for them to show off their creative sides. Silicon Valley is peppered with such buildings as it’s home to some of the world’s biggest technology companies. On the other hand a Chinese game development outfit is happy to take inspiration from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise for its new […]

Vulcan Salute Emoji Found In iOS 8.3 And OS X 10.10.3
Less than a week ago, we did bring you word that iOS 8.3 is all set to arrive with brand new emoji as well as other features. The thing is, are there special emoji that not too many people are aware of? Just in case you yourself are in the dark, here we are with word on how one can access the Vulcan salute emoji in iOS 8.3 as well […]

Apple Could Be Working On Bringing Spock-Inspired Emoji To Devices
Emojis are fun and a great way to express ourselves in ways words can’t. After all they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Now the good news for Star Trek fans, especially those who are fans of Spock, is that the folks over at Quartz have discovered a Spock-inspired emoji in test versions of iOS and OS X.The emoji in question is the hand sign that […]

Star Trek 3 May See Idris Elba In A Major Villain Role
Star Trek 3 is thrown into a predicament: who can be as good of a villain as Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan) in Star Trek Into Darkness? As we all know, the sequel did have its share of criticism, um actually a lot of it! but the Sherlock fame had served good performance to the role. So, coming back to the question, Who could replace him for better? How about Idris Elba?

Star Trek Movie Set To Be Released In 2016
How many of you out there love the reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise that had full of lens flare under the guidance of J. J. Abrams? Well, the third installment look set to be released half a year after Star Wars: The Force Awakens – hitting cinemas in the summer of 2016. There is even an exact date associated with the movie’s release, which would be July 8, […]