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First Batch Of Steam Machines Released
Valve has been toying with the concept of the Steam Machine for a very long time now, and even though plans were unveiled quite a long time back, gamers have had to wait for a long time to get their hands on one. Today the first batch of Valve’s Steam Machines has been released and they’re accompanied by the Steam Controller and Steam Link home streaming box.

ZOTAC NEN Steam Machine Unveiled
If you have ever built your own computer from scratch before, you might be familiar with a brand called ZOTAC. The company specializes in motherboards. However if you might recall, a couple of years ago Valve announced that ZOTAC would actually be one of the companies that would be making Steam Machines.For those curious about ZOTAC’s offering, the company has officially announced the ZOTAC NEN. This is the company’s first […]

Pricing For Smach Zero Steam OS Handheld Confirmed
Valve is allowing manufacturing partners to build Steam machines and we’ve already seen quite a few really good ones so far, there was a portable machine also under development not too long ago, it was previously known as Steam Boy. Now though the handset has been rebranded to Smach Zero and the company behind it has finally confirmed pricing and availability details.

Steam Machine Pre-Orders Sold Out
Were you hoping to pre-order a Steam Machine from Valve and hoping to get in on the initial run that’s guaranteed delivery by October 16? Well you’re out of luck because Valve has confirmed that it has sold out off all pre-orders from the initial stock. Even if you place an order for a Steam Machine right now you won’t get delivery before November 10th, which isn’t a terribly long […]


Steam Machine Box Arrives In Wooden Crate
It was over the weekend that we brought you word that the SteamOS Public Beta version from Valve had been released, and earlier this month, we also mentioned how Steam Machines were being shipped to 300 beta testers before the middle of December arrived What you see above is one of the images that a Steam Machine box owner had captured, where a certain “SteamMachineBetaTester” Tumblr and Reddit user Colbehr […]

iBuyPower Unveils Steam Machine For $499
It wasn’t too long ago that Valve unveiled Steam Machines along with SteamOS, both of which were methods for Valve to break into the living room which is currently dominated by the likes of Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s Wii platforms. While Valve has yet to release Steam Machines to the masses, they did share what a prototype Steam Machine might be like and given those specifications, building such […]

Valve Unveils Prototype Steam Machine Specifications
At the end of last month, we brought you word that Valve has announced their long awaited Steam Machines, and we are pleased to say that the company has also decided to roll out a detailed dossier on the hardware specifications for the 300-odd prototype Steam Machines that will be sent out to the 300 Steam users. According to the folks over at Valve, these Steam Machines have been described […]