valve-steam-prototype-specsAt the end of last month, we brought you word that Valve has announced their long awaited Steam Machines, and we are pleased to say that the company has also decided to roll out a detailed dossier on the hardware specifications for the 300-odd prototype Steam Machines that will be sent out to the 300 Steam users. According to the folks over at Valve, these Steam Machines have been described as “something special,” where they also threw in the customary “a high-end, high-performance box, built out of off-the-shelf PC parts” trumpet blowing bit.

The hardware right now happens to arrive in a form factor that is not too different from that of your average console, where it measures at approximately one foot long, and a foot wide. Do bear in mind that not all of the Steam Machine prototypes will be identical in terms of hardware specifications, since Vale is still testing the hardware to make sure that the right combination can be decided on eventually.

We do know that for its GPU, some units will feature the NVIDIA Titan, others the GTX780, with a mix of GTX760 and GTX660 as well. CPU-wise, we have the Intel i7-4770, i5-4570, and i3 while the RAM count stands at 16GB, with a GPU memory of 3GB. There will also be a 1TB/8GB Hybrid SSHD thrown into the mix. What do you think of such hardware specifications?

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