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Microsoft’s Flagship Store In Fifth Avenue Looks Set To Happen
Last year, it was confirmed that Microsoft would be coming up with a future flagship store on Fifth Avenue, although as to when that will happen remains to be seen. After all, there were also earlier rumors floating around that pointed to talks being in place to acquire retail space on Fifth Avenue. It looks like there is some progress since then, where the new store will be at 677 […]

Google Doesn't Have Plans To Build Retail Stores
The Wall Street Journal has been on fire lately with its ability to predict the future of tech, most recently predicting Sony would unveil its PlayStation 4 last week. It looks as though their recent track record will soon be tarnished as once of their most recent predictions is being called out by the very company it was talking about.Last week, WSJ “confirmed” Google was planning to launch their own chain […]

Sony store strategy is paying off
We had an opportunity to talk to Phil Molyneux (President and Chief Operating Officer, Sony Electronics Inc) in San Francisco, and we discussed about Sony’s efforts to change its overall user experience, including the store experience. As Phil Molyneux would put it, the Sony stores have to be the “Wonderland of Sony” that are not only there to provide a wonderful taste of Sony’s products, but they should also be […]

Amazon Kindle overrun with spam books
If you’re an author who self-published a book on Amazon’s Kindle book store, and you’re wondering why nobody seems to be buying your books – it’s not because your book is unpopular. Chances are, it’s been buried in spam. According to reports online, it looks like the Kindle book store is suffering from the same issues as the Android Market: an overload of spam books. Because Amazon doesn’t govern the […]


Kobo opening its platform up to more authors
Kobo, the folks behind the Kobo eReaders, has decided t expand its services, by allowing authors to submit their own books to the Kobo eBook store. In a recent interview, Kobo CEO talks about the eBook self-publishing service. The service will be simple to use. All users have to do is upload their work in TXT, RTF, or DOC and Kobo will convert it into an EPUB file for them […]

Spotify launches new music download store
If dominating the music streaming business in UK isn’t enough, it looks like Spotify has its eyes set on the music download market as well. No longer is Spotify going to be a companion to iTunes – it’s going to be a competitor. Today, Spotify is launching a new music downloads store which puts the company head to head against Apple’s own iTunes music download store. Seeing how Apple is […]

GetJar mobile now integrated with Facebook
GetJar, one of the largest app stores for mobile apps available today has just announced that its mobile site is now integrated with Facebook. Leveraging on the social network’s millions of users, this makes GetJar the world’s first app store to take advantage of Facebook. According to GetJar’s research, users are more likely download apps recommended by friends than by GetJar themselves, so this whole move to the social network […]

iPhone FaceTime bug stores pictures without you knowing
It looks like FaceTime does more than just let you and your loved ones video call over WiFi – according to recent reports cropping up on the Apple discussion forums, the video calling app on the iPhone 4 scares people too. A user has reported that still images of old conversations would show up randomly when she made FaceTime calls. Sometimes the bug even shows images that weren’t taken while […]

Android Market web store launched
At the Android-themed event today, Google gave the world an in-depth look at Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and its features. After the Honeycomb presentation, they had something else in store for the crowd – the launching of the Android Market web store. Following in the footsteps of the iTunes App Store, Google has created an official online store for the Android Market, and with it comes a host of features that […]

N3L Optics stores go high-tech
I was shopping for a new pair of sunglasses and I’ve been told that some N3L stores (an Oakley spin-off) had gone high-tech with large touch displays and more, so I went to check one out (Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo CA). There were three things that you usually don’t find in optics store: a large touch display to browse products, an messaging station to send a photo of you with the […]

Nokia Ovi Store Items
With Nokia’s Ovi Store about to be launched, it looks like Nokia is going to make an effort to take down Apple’s App Store. While Google’s Android Market had 50 selections when it was launched, Nokia says the Ovi Store will have over 20,000 items ready for download, which is a good start, especially since Apple has about 40,000 apps in the App Store. The questions that people are asking […]