microsoft-logoLast year, it was confirmed that Microsoft would be coming up with a future flagship store on Fifth Avenue, although as to when that will happen remains to be seen. After all, there were also earlier rumors floating around that pointed to talks being in place to acquire retail space on Fifth Avenue. It looks like there is some progress since then, where the new store will be at 677 Fifth Avenue.


That address used to be occupied by Fendi, an Italian luxury brand. This location of Manhattan is full of prestigious brands; where the next door neighbor would be Tommy Hilfiger, whereas you will be able to find Rolex, Prada and Abercrombie & Fitch all nearby. Not only that, it is also rather close to “enemy” territory, that is, a mere five blocks away from Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store.

Renovations continue to happen now that Fendi has now left the building and Microsoft making its move in establishing a presence. Microsoft SharePoint MVP Gokan Ozcifci also tweeted, “New #Microsoft store opening Fall 2015. 5th Avenue New York.” not too long ago. Do you think that such a physical presence would go a long way in bringing up your brand’s status, never mind that you are bleeding money in a sense?

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