Verizon announces Samsung Stratosphere

Ah, the rather elusive Samsung Stratosphere. I guess we’re something like journalists for National Geographic in our efforts to hunt down the latest and greatest news, save for the fact that we’re dealing with the world of tech instead of animals and wildlife. Well, we’ve already seen the leaked specifications for the Samsung Stratosphere, not to mention having its manual sneak out as well, so what better way to commemorate […]

Samsung Stratosphere manual leaked

We’ve seen the Samsung Stratosphere leaked before a few times in the past and it looks like Verizon is gearing up to launch the device. The user manual for the phone has leaked online thanks to the folks over at Droid-Life, and we now know everything there is to know about the phone. Here are the confirmed specs of the phone:A 1GHz processor, 4″ 800 x 480 Super AMOLED display, […]

Samsung Stratosphere specs leaked

The Samsung Stratosphere has been mentioned several times in the past. Photos have emerged and it has been spotted at an FCC filing, but until now specs of the device has remained a mystery, but thanks to a leaked Verizon document, assuming the information on it is accurate, we now know more about the Samsung Stratosphere.

Samsung Stratosphere arrives at the FCC

The FCC sure has plenty of fun, checking out up and coming devices all the time, and the Samsung Stratosphere is no different, being subject to rigorous testing by the FCC before they deem it to be ready to rock and roll for the masses. Also known as the SCH-I405, this particular handset will be arriving at Verizon Wireless, so it is just a matter of “how soon” before the […]


Samsung Stratosphere is Epic 4G LTE handset

Fancy getting a new 4G LTE smartphone? Well, there is a growing number of options for you to choose from now, and additional information concerning the Epic smartphone from Verizon has started to trickle. Of coourse, the word ‘Epic’ here might not be a case of proportions, but rather, it is the reworked version of the Sprint Epic 4G that will now have altered innards to have it play nice […]