Fancy getting a new 4G LTE smartphone? Well, there is a growing number of options for you to choose from now, and additional information concerning the Epic smartphone from Verizon has started to trickle. Of coourse, the word ‘Epic’ here might not be a case of proportions, but rather, it is the reworked version of the Sprint Epic 4G that will now have altered innards to have it play nice with Verizon’s WiMax radio.

Don’t you think that the Verizon Stratosphere might be a wee bit too late to the game, considering it is nearly one whole year ever since the original Sprint Epic 4G rolled out? Perhaps, espcially when you take into consideration the kind of specifications it packs, but at least it will still fall under the mid-range smartphone category that ought to hum along nicely if you’re one who doesn’t mind a functional handset.

Many believe that this will be the most affordable 4G LTE option on Verizon’s growing 4G family of handsets. Will you be gunning for one of these puppies?

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