Study Finds Alexa & Google Assistant Don’t Understand Certain Accents

Whenever we see companies like Apple and Google and Amazon demonstrate their digital assistants on stage or in advertisements, they always seem to work so flawlessly. It almost never mishears and always seems to be capable of spitting back results perfectly. However as many users can testify, that’s not always the case in real life.

iPads Are Apparently Bad For Your Neck

There have been some studies in the past that have shown that using your smartphone too much can be bad for your neck. This is because of the stress and pressure you put on your neck while staring down at your phone, which during prolonged usage is actually quite bad for you.

Study Finds That Using Mobile Wallets Precisely Can Make You Look Petty

Let’s say you are out with friends and are splitting the bill and your share amounts to $19.75. What do you do? Do you pay your friend back precisely $19.75, or do you give them $20 and tell them not to bother with the change? Chances are it is the latter which is perfectly fine because of the hassle of having to deal with change.

Study Finds Google Assistant Is The Most Accurate Amongst The Competition

There are many digital assistants in the market today, and obviously not all of them were created equal and according to a recent study conducted by Stone Temple, it seems that they have found that Google Assistant is the most accurate digital assistant amongst the competition, at least as far as this year is concerned.


Apple Watch Can Detect Abnormal Heart Rhythms With 97% Accuracy

Just like many other fitness bands and smartwatches, the Apple Watch comes with a heart rate tracker built into it. However according to studies done in the past, it has been found that the Apple Watch can actually be used to detect abnormal heart rhythms. Whether or not this was an unintended consequence of the sensor is unclear, but it seems to work.

Researchers Might Have Found The Best Way To Press A Button

These days everything just tries to be as sleek as it can be, and in terms of aesthetics, it sure looks pretty good. However what about in terms of feel? That’s actually something that researchers at Aalto University, Finland, and KAIST, South Korea have tried to do in a study to find the best way to press a button.

Study Finds That Self-Driving Vehicles Cause Higher Levels Of Stress

It is expected that self-driving cars will eventually become the norm and default mode of transportation in the future. After all if drivers can save themselves time from driving while accomplishing other things, why not? Plus no one likes sitting in traffic jams so having someone (or something) else behind the wheel is great.

Study Finds Prolonged Time In Space Can Change Your DNA [Update]

Update – Turns out the original report by Business Insider was not completely accurate. According to a statement released by NASA Johnson Space Center News Chief Kelly O. Humphries, “Mark and Scott Kelly are still identical twins. Scott’s DNA did not fundamentally change. What researchers did observe are changes in gene expression, which is how your body reacts to your environment. This likely is within the range for humans under stress, such as […]

Study Finds Fake Social Media Accounts Can Be Bad For Your Health

We all know the effects that fake news spread by fake accounts can have on society, where people get upset over things that did not happen, while others panic over things that were false. However it seems that fake social media accounts can also have a negative effect on your health, and we don’t mean mental anguish or frustration.

The World’s Internet Speeds Have Gotten 30% Faster In 2017

Our internet speeds have come a very long way from back in the day, where we still had to use dial-up modems to connect to the internet, and where if you accidentally used the phone while the internet was connected, it would drop the connection. In fact if anything, these days it appears that our internet speeds are getting faster.

Report Suggests Consumers Prefer Software Updates Over New Phones

Say you have a phone that’s about 2-3 years old and you were given the choice of either buying a new phone or just updating the current software to its next major build, which would you choose? According to a report from the New York Post, it seems that customers these days would much rather continuing updating their phones rather than buy a new one.

Study Claims Smartphone Addiction Creates Imbalance In Brains

Just the term “smartphone addiction” doesn’t sound particularly fun or good, but it seems that apart from the social implications of being addicted to our phones, a recent study has found that smartphone addiction actually does some damage to our brains by creating an imbalance in them, which once again sounds like a pretty bad thing.

Laptop Usage In Class Might Not Necessarily Be Better For Students

With laptops and tablets becoming increasingly common, entering a classroom to find row upon row of students with their laptops or tablets open ready to take notes is becoming a norm. However it seems that despite laptops being potentially more efficient at note-taking, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better.

Your Google Account Is Most Likely To Be Hijacked Through Phishing

There are many ways to get hacked on the internet, but it seems that one of the more common ways that people are getting their accounts hacked and taken over is through phishing. This is according to a recent study conducted by Google in an attempt to find out the root causes of hijacking and account takeovers experienced by Google users.