There are many digital assistants in the market today, and obviously not all of them were created equal and according to a recent study conducted by Stone Temple, it seems that they have found that Google Assistant is the most accurate digital assistant amongst the competition, at least as far as this year is concerned.

The year is particularly important because companies do make changes and improvements over time, which means that it is possible for other companies to catch-up. That being said, Stone Temple’s study found that Google Assistant attempted to answer the most questions and at the same time gave the most correct answers overall.

What’s interesting is that Google Assistant on smartphones had a higher percentage of questions attempted and questions answered compared to Google Home. Also what’s interesting is that while many tend not to talk about Microsoft’s Cortana, it actually came in second place in their study.

Amazon’s Alexa came in third, while Apple’s Siri came in last, which isn’t surprising as many iPhone users have stated that Siri is one of Apple’s more lackluster services. While the survey is interesting and does seem to hint that Google Assistant is “better”, there are varying factors as to why someone might choose to adopt Siri over Google Assistant. This could include being locked into Apple’s ecosystem, or it could be a matter of price where the Amazon Echo Dot is cheaper than the competition and thus more preferred.

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