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Swing Copters Accused Of Ripping Off Another Game, Bog Racer
It seems that controversy follows Dong Nguyen wherever he goes. Previously there were reports that Nguyen’s game, Flappy Bird, stole images from Nintendo’s games, although in all fairness Nintendo denied that they sent Nguyen legal notices. Now with Nguyen’s latest game, Swing Copters, the developers at Open Name claim the game is a ripoff of their own Bog Racer.Interestingly enough Bog Racer was released in July but apparently during Google’s […]

Swing Copters Updated, Now Less Frustrating To Play
Just last week, Dong Nguyen released Swing Copters. If you’re wondering about Nguyen and the significance of his game, Nguyen was the developer behind the famous Flappy Bird game, a game which featured relatively simply gameplay and retro graphics, but turned out to be such a huge addiction that Nguyen felt that he had to remove it from app stores for the good of everyone.That being said for those who […]

Google Cleans Up Swing Copters Clones From Play Store
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is certainly interesting to note that Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has already seen a fair number of clones hit the Play Store not too long after it was released. Being more of a vertical version of Flappy Bird, Swing Copters’ clones has pushed the real game down the pecking order so much so that the chances of actually […]

Google Play Store Already Flooded With Swing Copters Clones
As we’re sure most of you guys have heard, Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has made its way onto iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with Nguyen, he was the developer behind the highly addictive and frustrating Flappy Bird game, and it seems that he has not lost his touch because Swing Copters appears to be equally frustrating and addictive, if not more.


Swing Copters Now Available On iOS And Android
It looks like the earlier report was correct – the creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has come up with yet another game that might help you tear your hair out, simply because the game of Swing Copters will follow a simple premise that is not too different from that of Flappy Birds, except that this time around, you will step into the shoes of a pint sized guy with […]