swing-coptersThey say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it is certainly interesting to note that Dong Nguyen’s Swing Copters has already seen a fair number of clones hit the Play Store not too long after it was released. Being more of a vertical version of Flappy Bird, Swing Copters’ clones has pushed the real game down the pecking order so much so that the chances of actually downloading a Swing Copters clone to the unsuspecting user is a whole lot higher than actually getting it right the first time around. Google has stepped in to make sure that this particular setting will not continue, and has decided to bring out the broom.

In fact, Google has taken out its most potent weapon – that is, the banhammer, and has swung it in the direction of any cartoon-like character that sports a propeller cap on top. It seemed that the first sweep saw hundreds of titles being removed, which means if you were to search for Swing Copters now in the Play Store, it would be right there on top as the first choice. Do bear in mind that one surefire way of figuring out whether you’re playing a clone or not (other than to read its title screen when the game boots up) would be the difficulty level – if it is too easy, it ain’t the real deal.

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