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iTableous: the giant iPhone-like table
If you’ve ever felt like the 10″ display of an iPad was too small for you, how about getting a 40″ iPhone instead? Well since Apple doesn’t make or sell those, a designer has come up with his own creation instead. Called the iTableous, this massive contraption resembles some sort of tomb with an oversized iPhone for a lid.

Crunchy Logistics brings the first multi-touch bar to the US
Crunchy Logistics has recently uploaded a video demonstrating the first ever multi-touch bar table in the US. Called the mtBAR, this 28′ long bar table is actually one giant touchscreen that supports an unlimited number of touch points. A table that will definitely spice up the interior of any pub, it lets users generate fancy effects whenever they touch the table or slide their hands over it. It can detect […]

GameTime Media Table
The GameTime Media Table concept is actually a network-connected table that delivers advertisements and media across a range of of retail and hospitality environments, where its main purpose is to hook customers and draw them to open their wallets after pulling a “try before you buy” move on them. To put it plainly, the GameTime Media Table will let consumers view, listen and try different media such as games, movies […]

Writable concept is actually worth looking into
Want the right table, as well as a Writable? Well, the latter is certainly the former, and if all of that sounds a wee bit confusing, read on. Ever wanted a wooden table to grace your home to add that sense of warmth? That’s easily achieved with the Writable, where it comes with the added capability of two chalkboards which remain hidden from view – at least until you flip […]


Eat while listening to tunes on the Acoustable
If you’ve always enjoyed music while having your food but can’t because the stereo is too far away from the dining table, you could a) move the stereo closer to the dining table or b) invest in an Acoustable from Wolfgang Bregentzer and Jerome Spriet. The Acoustable is an interesting table that is hollowed out and stuffed with a sound system to turn it into a large 360 degree speaker […]

A lamp that doesn’t run on electricity
In case you didn’t already know, going green is the way to go and it never gets old. So whenever we hear about a new device or technology that actually helps with the environment, we’ll be glad to cover it. However, even if a device does help make the world a better place, it should be somewhat useful, and unfortunately, the Pure Sun is not one of them. Designed by […]

The Millennium Table holds your coffee while you play games
Are you a fan of coffee and arcade gaming? Then the Millennium Table might be just the right table for you. This interesting coffee table comes with an in-built arcade machine that contains 60 classic games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Asteroids! If you’re a clumsy drinker, you can rest assured that any coffee spillages won’t be damaging your arcade machine that’s tucked away safely behind some see through […]

Finish CLUB Deluxe from Mödek
Spanish firm Mödek has delivered a spanking new DJ table known as Finish CLUB Deluxe, where it will not only be pleasing on your eyes, but hopefully on your ears as well. It was part of Mödek’s DJ Furniture collection, where this glossy table comes with vinyl exclusive decorations apart from being made out of wood. A connection hole will let all connection cables pass through it without being seen. […]

Super Nintable Gaming Table Mod
Console mods are always cool to check out and a modder out there has decided to cram his old Super Nintendo into a simple wooden table that will be placed in the office break room. Dubbed the Super Nintable, it sports a cartridge port on the top of the table, two controller ports at the front, while the power cord and video cables will come out from the back. There […]

Amusity offers very real entertainment
Amusity is a zany table that ought to make its way to your music collection, simply because designer Idan Arbel who came up with the Amusity wants to turn your coffee table into a tangible user interface for your whole music library. With the Amusity, one is able to play music videos, access information concerning the artist, song and album among others in order to control the flow of the […]

LED touch-sensitive coffee table
Thanks to an array of infra-red proximity sensors, this table can “sense” when objects are on (or near) it and light itself accordingly. It works better with transparent plates or glasses and probably looks better with cocktails, so here’s your excuse for not drinking water with your friends on Friday night. You can turn the LEDs off and use it as a normal table as well. It costs $1500 to […]

Electrolux Rendez-Vous Concept
Electrolux Global Design has managed to deliver a new method for all to be included in family celebrations, courtesy of the Rendez-Vous concept interactive table that comes with a high-tech kitchen integrated within. This concept design comes with an “energy shield” top which is able to transmit power sans wires to any electrical appliance, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough outlets lying around. The top also […]