[CES 2013] What comes after Tegra 3? Why, the simple answer would be one of the world’s worst kept secrets, Tegra 4. Just what kind of processing muscle does the Tegra 4 pack? For starters, there are 72 GPU cores, a quartet of Cortex A15 CPU cores, and a 4G LTE modem, how about that? Smartphones and tablets that intend to pack Tegra 4 underneath the hood, you might just want to beef up on your battery lifespan. Just sayin’.

Tegra 4 will continue to retain the low-power “5th” core that is used for low-power apps such as ebooks and music playback. For starters, a demonstration saw 25 web pages load on the Nexus 10 that is powered by Samsung’s own dual-core A15 setup, and with the Tegra 4 chip, it took nearly half the amount of time compared to Samsung’s efforts.

As for image processing performance, Huang claims that High-Dynamic Range (HDR) performance is not good enough, even though HDR supposedly prevents images from being washed out or look too dark by mixing different photos that are shot under different exposures. NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 works differently from regular camera architecture, as it uses its powerful GPU and CPU hardware as an image processor, inputting a couple of shots into the sensor, computing it so fast, it does all required for HDR, meaning we are looking at a “one shot HDR” to put it in layman’s terms. As a result, you get a pretty image in otherwise nasty light conditions.

Dead Trigger 2 with Tegra 4 was demonstrated, and it looked like Painkiller was “imported” into the game.

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