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The June Oven Is Powered By NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 Processor
It could very well be that in the future, we could extend our arguments about hardware performance to household electronics if NVIDIA were to have it their way, because it seems that an oven dubbed “June” has been launched and under its hood is the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, the same processor series that powers the Nexus 9 tablet.However this is the quad-core version, not the Denver model in the […]

Acer Chromebook 13 With Tegra K1: Hands-On
Acer and NVIDIA have announced the Acer Chromebook 13, a Chrome OS laptop powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 mobile processor. This laptop contributes to the rising number of non-Windows laptop designs that use a low-power mobile processor. While this is still a nascent trend, it is very encouraging because it creates an opportunity to offer an awesome battery life. This is precisely what Acer has opted for, and according to […]

NVIDIA Shield 2 Might Feature Tegra K1 With 4GB RAM
NVIDIA’s Android based handheld gaming console, the Shield, is due for an update later this year. While it is not known as yet exactly when the company plans on launching a successor, rumors have already started floating around about what we can expect. The latest is accompanied by benchmark results of a Shield 2 prototype. Apparently the next generation handheld console will tout NVIDIA’s own Tegra K1 system-on-chip coupled with […]

Lenovo 50-Inch 4K Smart TV Could Be Powered By NVIDIA Tegra K1
Much has already been said and written about the new NVIDIA Tegra K1. People now want to see which product becomes the first to be powered by this impressive chip. If there’s any weight to these claims, the first consumer product to be powered by the NVIDIA Tegra K1 might not be a smartphone or a tablet. Instead, it might be Lenovo’s upcoming 50-inch 4K smart tv.


NVIDIA Tegra K1 Tablet Benchmark Surfaces
Last month, NVIDIA finally lifted the wraps off of its next generation chip, the 192-core “Super Chip” that we now know as the Tegra K1. It impressive to say the least, we brand it as the final unification of PC and mobile graphics, touting full Open GL 4.4 API driving the PCs of today.The Tegra K1 happens to be 3X faster than existing competitors, and that’s bound to show in […]

Tegra K1 Benchmarks On Lenovo Device Wow Observers
The tom’s Hardware team had their hands on a Lenovo ThinkVision 28 which is an Android display powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chip (aka Tegra 5), and ran some benchmarks on it. We posted a short teaser earlier, but here are the charts, courtesy of tom’s hardware, followed by my comments:

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Benchmarks Depict Serious Performance
When it comes to mobile devices, these bad boys have gotten more and more efficient in their performance, not to mention being able to deliver quality graphics which were once thought of as impossible. How far technology has progressed! Having said that, we did have a primer on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 not too long ago, and here we are with additional details on just how fantastic of a performer […]