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Land For Thirty Meter Telescope Finally Okayed By Hawaii
The Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources announced on Thursday that it had granted a land permit for Thirty Meter Telescope, which is a next generation observatory being built close to the summit of Mauna Kea. With the grant of this Conservation District Use Permit, the Thirty Meter Telescope is now one step closer to being constructed. The permit comes with certain conditions so as to ensure protection of sensitive […]

IBM to power $51 million radio telescope that will help probe the origins of the universe
IBM has been chosen by the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) consortium to help scientists probe the origins of the universe. The consortium, composed of 13 institutions from Australia, New Zealand, U.S. and India, are planning to build a new type of radio telescope that’s designed to capture low frequency radio waves from deep space, as well as the volatile atmospheric conditions in the Sun. Basically, signals will be received by […]

E-ELT is world's largest telescope
Europe’s economy might be in the shambles at the moment, but that does not mean they do not have the future in mind. In fact, 15 European countries have come together to form a coalition with plans to construct what is deemed to be the biggest telescope in the world. The mirror inside the telescope is so huge, it measures 39 meters across, which is 400% wider compared to the […]

Stanford is building the "world's largest" digital camera
A team at the Stanford University are working on what they are calling the world’s largest digital camera, which was designed to be used to capture images of faint astronomical objects. The camera is being built for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), which is a large aperture telescope used to photograph space atop a mountain in Chile, and to investigate several astronomical phenomena, such as dark energy, dark matter […]


AstroClip lets your iPhone photograph the cosmos
We know that the iPhone 4 is one heck of a popular camera. People pull it out of their pockets to snap photographs all the time but this usually happens in social events and random situations. But what if you wanted to use your iPhone 4 to take photographs of something like say, the stars or the moon? Simply pointing it to the skies won’t work. This is where the […]

Digital Video Camcorder With Telescope Released Before Sony's Upcoming Camcorder
Can’t stop thinking of Sony’s upcoming camcorder that offers you the option of interchangeable lenses? You might not have to play the waiting game with Sony, as it turns out that Brando already has a Digital Video Camcorder with Telescope in its online store. Granted it seems like a far cry from what Sony looks like it will be offering, but the situation does seem rather funny, especially since it’ll […]

Digital Eyepiece For Your Telescope
Peering through the eyepiece of your telescope might make you feel like an adventurer, but in the digital age, what’s an adventure without some tech, right? Chinavasion’s Digital Eyepiece for Telescope can be hooked up to the eyepiece of most telescopes, allowing the 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor to capture the view for you, after which the images (or video) will be transferred to your PC via a USB connection. Considering that […]