Europe’s economy might be in the shambles at the moment, but that does not mean they do not have the future in mind. In fact, 15 European countries have come together to form a coalition with plans to construct what is deemed to be the biggest telescope in the world. The mirror inside the telescope is so huge, it measures 39 meters across, which is 400% wider compared to the largest telescope of today, and it is said to be so powerful, astronomers will be endowed with the ability to check out dark, rocky planets that are located far beyond our solar system.

The European Southern Observatory project will call this telescope the ‘European Extremely Large Telescope’, never mind that the telescope itself is going to be constructed in South America – Chile to be exact, as that place has the advantage of helping astronomers skip light pollution in order to literally get a better pictured. Expected to be fully operational in 2022, we do hope that the European Union will be able to hold out till then.

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