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Samsung Unveils 110-inch UHDTV Ahead Of CES 2014, Will Go On Sale On Monday
CES is a great time and platform for companies to show off new products, but at the same time the products being launched might not necessarily be for everyone. Samsung falls right into the latter category with the announcement of their 110-inch UHDTV television set which the company plans on showing off at CES 2014 as well. The television set is also expected to go on sale this Monday although […]

Sony Unveils Pricing Of Bravia X9 4K Televisions For The UK
Ultra HD (or UHD) televisions are not cheap, but if you’re wondering just how much one of Sony’s 4K televisions would cost, Sony has announced the pricing of their Bravia X9 (X9000A) for the UK. The television will be available in two sizes, a 55” version and a 65” version, and while technically the 55” version is cheaper than its larger 65” sibling, it is still not really considered “affordable” […]

Watch ABC Live TV Streaming App Released For iOS
We reported yesterday that ABC was going to launch its TV live stream app for iOS, soon. This app will allow residents of New York and Philadelphia to watch local programming on their iOS devices, while ABC confirmed that the service will be made available to an additional six cities by the end of summer. Today, the Watch ABC app for live TV streaming was made available, and it can […]

ABC TV Live Stream App Reportedly Launching This Week
The New York Times is reporting that ABC is launching its TV live stream app later this week for iOS. The app will allow people who live in Philadelphia and New York to watch local programming live on their iOS devices. Only paying subscribers of cable and satellite providers will be able to tap in to the live stream of local programming, and ABC has said that it will make live stream available […]


Nielsen Will Soon Launch Program That Counts Internet TV Viewers
Watching TV has gone beyond sitting in front of your television screen to watch a show as it is aired as the inclusion of DVRs and online streams have made it possible to watch a new episode of your favorite show at any time. That’s why the Wall Street Journal’s report of Nielsen possibly launching a digital program to cover Internet streaming makes complete sense.According to the WSJ, Nielsen’s TV […]

LG Curved OLED Televisions To Go On Sale In Second Half Of The Year
Earlier this year at CES 2013, we came across a rather interesting setup by LG which was a trio of curved 3D OLED televisions. While it appeared to be quite an engineering feat, LG did not state if they were planning on releasing the television to the masses, or if it was simply a display of their engineering prowess. In any case for those who thought it would be cool […]

Researchers Create Television You Can Smell
Google Nose may have been an extremely elaborate April Fools’ Day prank, but the technology may not be too far from reality as researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have created a prototype TV set that allows you to smell what’s being shown on the screen.The way it works is through a set of fans that are mounted on each corner of the TV that pushes air filled […]

ABC Developing Live-Streaming App Which You Can Watch Anywhere
ABC, or the channel with Dancing with the Stars and Shark Tank as most people know it as these days, is reportedly working on a mobile application that would deliver a live stream of its TV programming. If it turns out to be true and ABC does deliver an application that would live stream its TV programming, it would be the first US broadcaster to do so, making it automatically […]

Intel Set To Launch Internet TV Platform, With Set-Top Box And Camera
By the end of December, rumors had started to surface about Intel’s intentions of joining the race for providing Internet TV, alongside Apple. Erik Huggers, General Manager of Intel Media, has confirmed that Intel is indeed working on providing internet television. “We have been working for around a year now to setup Intel Media — it’s a new division that includes a lot of people from outside of the company. […]

Apple negotiating with cable operators to use device as a set top box
For all the stuff that you’ve heard about Apple TV (the box) and the nearly mythical iTV, this is really the most important rumor. Never mind Siri on the TV, and other user interface chatter. Although very important, the user interface is only useful if there is actually something to watch on the big screen. And that’s exactly the first thing that Apple is trying to solve by negotiating with […]

Panasonic and NHK take the wraps off their 145-inch 8k plasma TV prototype
We’re not sure if anyone actually needs a 145” plasma TV with 8k x 4k resolution, but Panasonic and NHK have teamed up and produced one such prototype. This is a one of a kind display that we will supposedly see one day when broadcasts eventually move towards a higher resolution – when will that be? It’s hard to say but it’s definitely good to know that there is technology […]