samsung-uhdCES is a great time and platform for companies to show off new products, but at the same time the products being launched might not necessarily be for everyone. Samsung falls right into the latter category with the announcement of their 110-inch UHDTV television set which the company plans on showing off at CES 2014 as well. The television set is also expected to go on sale this Monday although pricing has yet to be unveiled, however given that Samsung’s 85-inch UHDTV that they debuted this year at CES 2013 was priced at around $40,000, safe to say that the 110-inch version will not come cheap. Not to mention the fact that the television measures a whopping 2.6m by 1.8m, it probably will have a hard time fitting in most living rooms.

Samsung expects that they will be limiting the sale of the television set will be limited to certain markets at first, but will eventually roll out to a wider audience at a later date. In any case the full specifications of the television, including its price, remains a bit of a mystery for now, but with Samsung expected to show off the device at CES 2014 (along with their 105-inch curved UHDTV) and as we will be live at the event ourselves, be sure to check back with us during CES 2014 in the next couple of weeks for the details! In the meantime any guesses as to how much this bad boy will cost?

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