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Tesla Model X Effortlessly Tows A Boeing 787 Dreamliner [Video]
The Tesla Model X is a very capable crossover vehicle. It can do a lot of things such as mesmerize you with its Falcon doors or drive you by itself under select conditions. What you may not have known is that the Model X is also capable of easily towing a real Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner airplane even though it has an advertised towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Tesla Model X Smokes A Lamborghini Aventador In Drag Race [Video]
Tesla’s high-performance models offer a lot more performance than the other models and we often see videos pop up online showing just how fast these cars can be. Lamborghini is a bona fide manufacturer of supercars. The iconic manufacturer has cemented its place in history as one of the best supercar manufacturers on the planet and yet even one of its creations can end up being smoked by a Tesla […]

Faraday Future’s Model X Rival Possibly Spotted In LA
Tesla is one of the biggest manufacturers of all-electric cars right now but there are many companies that are actively working to compete with it. Faraday Future is a relatively new company based in California that’s backed by Chinese electronics giant LeEco, the company has already shown off an electric car concept and now it appears that its upcoming production electric vehicle has been spotted out and about in Los […]

Another Tesla Crash Blamed On Autopilot
Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot is taking a lot of heat these days following revelations that the system was turned on in a Model S that was involved in a fatal accident earlier this year, though some reports suggest that the driver may not have been sticking to the precautions that Tesla suggests for Autopilot use. There has been another crash, though not fatal, it has been blamed on the […]


It Is Illegal To Drive The New Tesla Model X Over The Brooklyn Bridge
SUVs are gas guzzlers for sure, but thankfully, the price of gas has come down by a whole lot over the past year. The expensive Tesla Model X is also an SUV, which is no gas guzzler since it is an electric powered ride. However, it looks like driving the Model X in New York City is not legal – not throughout the whole city, but over the Brooklyn Bridge. […]