Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot is taking a lot of heat these days following revelations that the system was turned on in a Model S that was involved in a fatal accident earlier this year, though some reports suggest that the driver may not have been sticking to the precautions that Tesla suggests for Autopilot use. There has been another crash, though not fatal, it has been blamed on the Autopilot system.

A Tesla Model X reportedly crashed in Montana on Saturday, the driver claims that Autopilot was switched on but the car drove through the guardrail and went off the road. Pictures of the accident show that the front passenger side was completely torn off so it wasn’t a minor accident.

It’s great to hear that both occupants are safe and were not harmed in this accident. A friend of the driver posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum that the car was in Autopilot with the speed around 55-60 miles-per-hour and for some reason, it drove off the road ad hit the guard rail wood posts. They still don’t know how the Autopilot system can drive the car off the road and would certainly want to find out.

Tesla is usually quick to respond to such news about its cars but it’s yet to comment on this particular accident. It merits mentioning here that the company doesn’t recommend the use of Autopilot’s Autosteer feature on a road that doesn’t have a center divider.

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