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iPhone 4S battery not as good as iPhone 4?
Apart from Apple’s brand new iPhone 4S featuring an A5 dual-core processor, one of the features boasted by Apple regarding the iPhone 4S is its supposed longer lasting battery, which we guess can help seal the deal for some who may be worried about battery life on their smartphones. Unfortunately based on tests conducted by iLounge during their review of the phone, revealed that the supposed longer lasting battery only […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Gorilla Glass Test TF101
It is said that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer comes with Corning’s very own Gorilla glass – the very same stuff that you can find on some of the newer smartphones from HTC and of course, the famous iPhone 4 from Apple. Now, Gorilla glass is supposed to be tough – extremely tough, boasting a chemically strengthened screen which does its bit to help protect it from regular bumps and […]

KDDI mind-reading app tells you how stressed out you are
While we don’t need an app to tell us that we’re stressed out, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how stressed out we are? In a quantifiable manner? The folks over at KDDI thought so too, and came up with an app and hardware combination for Android phones to do the job. While it’s not available for sale (it currently is an experiment by KDDI’s R&D team), it was […]

Mozilla Firefox Aurora: not for the faint of heart
One thing that sets Google Chrome apart from the web browser competition is the fact that folks who love testing new software have access to the latest updates on a frequent basis. As we all know, new features always make people happy and the constant stream of new features from the developer builds of Chrome keep these hungry people satisfied, while the folks who aren’t too keen on testing the […]


Windows 8 leaked online
Who needs to wait for official announcements or presentations from Microsoft to find out more about their upcoming operating system when you can just download the OS instead? Some folks have managed to get their hands on an early build of Windows 8 and posted it online for the whole world to see/download. Ouch. Microsoft definitely isn’t going to be too happy about this. However, it’s still much too early […]

Microsoft to show off Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11
Even though Internet Explorer 9 was released only about a month ago, Microsoft are now ready to unveil the next version of their internet browser at MIX11. Called Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), Microsoft claims the browser “will push the boundaries of what developers can do on the web even further.” The web browser will be embracing the HTML5 standard even more this time around; a move that they hope other […]

iPhone helps doctors to save lives
According to a recent experiment conducted in the UK, it has been proven that the iPhone helps to save lives. At the Royal United Hospital in Bath, 31 doctors with similar experience were split into two groups – those without iPhones and those with. In their respective groups, they were put up to the task of handling a simulated cardiac arrest emergency and judged by their performance. Those with iPhones […]

Comcast begins to test combo Internet-Cable device
Not everything is set in stone just yet, but folks over at the Wall Street Journal have mentioned that Comcast has begun to test features which will definitely have Google TV and TiVo executives sit up and take notice. Basically, Comcast is looking to enable cable set-top boxes access streaming video directly from the Internet right into your living rooms. It will merge the functionalities of a DVR with unified […]

Robot Punches Humans In Order To Test Pain Thresholds
Robots aren’t supposed to hurt human beings but the folks over in a robotics lab in Slovenia are using robots to do just that, though in a controlled environment and for test purposes only. The research involves using a powerful robot to hit (voluntary) human test subjects over and over again to induce anything from a mild to unbearable pain. The aim was to assess human-robot pain thresholds, and while […]