Apart from Apple’s brand new iPhone 4S featuring an A5 dual-core processor, one of the features boasted by Apple regarding the iPhone 4S is its supposed longer lasting battery, which we guess can help seal the deal for some who may be worried about battery life on their smartphones. Unfortunately based on tests conducted by iLounge during their review of the phone, revealed that the supposed longer lasting battery only applied to certain aspects of the phone.

As you can see from the graph above, in terms of battery life, the iPhone 4S beats out the iPhone 4 by a small margin when it comes to voice calls and FaceTime, but in all other aspects it actually appears that the iPhone 4S is doing worse than the iPhone 4 despite Apple’s claims of a larger battery. This seemed particularly evident when using the phone for 3G or for video recording, with only a slight difference when the phone was connected to WiFi.

However we understand that there are various factors that could affect battery life, such as the way you use your phone, your settings (i.e. one user may go for max brightness while the other goes for auto-adjust), the signal strength of the carrier in that particular region, battery calibration, etc. iPhone 4S users out there, do you agree with iLounge’s test results? Are you noticing faster and more significant battery drain, or are you actually experiencing longer battery life?

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