Audi’s next-gen infotainment system will use Texas Instrument’s Jacinto 5 processor

It was a while back that Texas Instruments announced that they would be shifting their focus from the mobile processor industry to other industries, like the automobile for instance, and sure enough it looks that way. Both Texas Instruments and Audi have announced a new partnership in which Texas Instruments’ Jacinto 5 processor will be making its way into Audi’s next-gen infotainment system which is powered by QNX, but is […]

Apple reportedly hiring former Texas Instruments engineers in Israel

Most of you guys have probably heard that Texas Instruments will be reducing their focus on the mobile processor game, instead choosing to focus their efforts on other sectors instead such as automobile and the industrial. With this move, the company announced that they would be cutting about 1,700 jobs worldwide in a bid to save some money during the transition – so what will happen to some of the […]

Texas Instruments Chips Skip Windows RT Tablets

It does seem official that we will not see Texas Instruments processors to see action in Windows RT tablets, meaning that Texas Instruments’ exit from the smartphone and tablet chip business is official. Their press release today mentioned that Texas Instruments will now “focus its OMAP processors and wireless connectivity solutions on a broader set of embedded applications with long life cycles, instead of its historical focus on the mobile […]

Texas Instruments and AllGo created reference tablet design that can be built for under $70

When it comes to cheap tablets, we’re sure that many of you guys think of the Kindle Fire by Amazon or the Nexus 7 by Google/ASUS. Granted they’re not as cheap as some other tablets we’ve seen, but they do offer up better build quality and features. That being said, it looks like Texas Instruments might be hoping to cash in on the cheap tablet craze by partnering up with […]


Amazon rumored to be interested in acquiring Texas Instruments’ mobile chip division

Earlier this month, we reported that Texas Instruments was looking to expand beyond the mobile chip market (i.e. smartphones and tablets) and venture into other industries, such as industrial, automotive and etc. Now it seems that according to a report by Israeli financial newspaper, Calcalist, it has been suggested that Amazon is looking to buy the mobile chip division of Texas Instruments in a bid to start making their own […]

Texas Instruments not pulling out of smartphone/tablet market after all

Last week we reported that Texas Instruments was looking to leave the mobile sector, instead choosing to focus on other markets such as the automotive, industrial, enterprise just to name a few. Well the good news is that the report wasn’t entirely correct. As it turns out Texas Instruments isn’t leaving the mobile market. This was clarified to the folks at GSM Arena by a Texas Instruments media relations manager, […]

Texas Instruments looking to move away from the smartphone market

While Qualcomm might be appearing as the SoC of choice when it comes to mobile devices, there are other SoC manufacturers such as Samsung with their Exynos chip, NVIDIA with their Tegra chips, and Texas Instruments where their SoCs have appeared in popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Well if you’ve enjoyed Texas Instruments’ performance on your device and wouldn’t mind looking forward to more […]

Texas Instruments flashes OMAP 4 tablet running Windows RT at Computex 2012

At the Computex 2012 this week, American chipmaker Texas Instruments flashed what appears to be a dual-core tablet running Windows RT. Now, it’s important to note that Windows RT, also known as Windows on ARM, is Microsoft’s own operating system designed for ARM devices such as tablets. Rival company Qualcomm also demoed its own Snapdragron S4-powered tablet running Windows RT at the same event this week. The Verge was able […]

Texas Instruments rumored to have begun production on iPhone 5 components

Just yesterday we reported that a hiring blitz at Foxconn seemed to suggest that early production of Apple’s next-generation iPhone was kicking into gear, and to add-on to the speculation/rumors, a recent report from a source at Texas Instruments revealed to RepairLabs that the company had started to produce the power management chip for Apple’s upcoming iPhone, a device that has been dubbed as the iPhone 5 internally although it […]

Texas Instruments demonstrates ultrasonic stylus

Earlier at MWC, Texas Instruments demonstrated a stylus that could be described as a mix between a stylus and a laser pointer, allowing the user to navigate the interface of a tablet over ultrasonic frequencies. This will allow the user to select, navigate, and zoom in and out without having to actually touch the screen unless they wanted/needed to. This is achieved with the use of microphones placed in each […]

Texas Instruments and Brookstone unveil iPhone Pocket Projector case

Those shopping for or those interested in getting their hands on a pocket projector may want to take a look at the iPhone Pocket Projector case, which was a joint effort by both Texas Instruments and Brookstone.

Texas Instruments says all day battery life coming in 2013

Assuming the world does not end next year, then we certainly want to hold Texas Instruments to their word – that is, they claim they will be able to churn out a chip for tablet devices that are full well capable of stretching the tablet’s battery to last the entire day. Yes sir, that means you can have your Angry Birds session (which should be in its 30th expansion pack […]

TI creates smaller receiver chip to make wireless charging more accessible

Texas Instruments knows that the world has two agendas on its mind at the moment – wireless connectivity as well as a paperless office. OK, so there are much more important stuff to think about like global warming, wars, uprisings and the energy crisis compared to the two, but in the world of tech, it makes perfect sense if companies such as Texas Instruments (TI) is pursuing both holy grails […]

Texas Instruments purchases National Semiconductor for $6.5 billion

News of Texas Instruments picking up a $6.5 billion tab for National Semiconductor has made headlines around the world, where it will see the marriage of two of the world’s premier manufacturers of analog chips, and hopefully this alliance would bode well for the rest of mankind. National Semiconductor has a glorious history of over half a century and is famous for their power-management chips, forking out $25 per share […]