At the Computex 2012 this week, American chipmaker Texas Instruments flashed what appears to be a dual-core tablet running Windows RT. Now, it’s important to note that Windows RT, also known as Windows on ARM, is Microsoft’s own operating system designed for ARM devices such as tablets. Rival company Qualcomm also demoed its own Snapdragron S4-powered tablet running Windows RT at the same event this week. The Verge was able to grab pictures of TI’s reference tablet powered by its very own OMAP 4 chip and running on Windows RT.

However, TI showed the tablet behind closed doors and taking videos weren’t reportedly allowed. “That’s probably for the best, though. OMAP product manager Bill Crean was kind enough to give us a quick demo, but it was immediately clear from glitches here and there that there’s a lot of optimization yet to be done, and there were a number of features he didn’t feel comfortable showing at all given the state of the current build,” the publication wrote. But Texas Instruments reportedly assured that the company is ready for Windows RT and that it will soon launch a slew of devices.

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