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The Walking Dead: The Final Season No Longer Being Sold By Telltale
Telltale, the studio behind some popular episodic games, announced last week that it’s shutting down and laying off most of its employees. The studio has subsequently stopped selling The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It has temporarily removed the game from online game stores like Steam.

Telltale Confirms Walking Dead: The Final Season Release Date
Telltale Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of its episodic The Walking Dead game ahead of the E3 2018 gaming convention. The upcoming season is also the last in this four-part series that’s based on the popular comic book franchise. Telltale has confirmed when The Walking Dead: The Final Season is going to be released, it will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It […]

Telltale The Walking Dead Season Three Release Confirmed For November
Telltale Games has now confirmed when it’s going to release season three of its episodic adaptation of The Walking Dead. Two seasons of this series have already been released and fans of the game have appreciated it very much. They will certainly be looking forward to the third season now. Telltale Games has announced that A New Frontier is the third season of its The Walking Dead episodic game series.

The Walking Dead Season Three Release Scheduled For This Fall
Telltale has confirmed that season three of its episodic The Walking Dead game series is going to be released later this year in the fall. The previous two seasons of The Walking Dead game have been well received so fans are anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new episode. Telltale has also been working on an episodic Batman game, it says that the Batman game will make an […]


Telltale's The Walking Dead Miniseries Premieres February 23rd
Telltale, the studio best known for making episodic games, has been hard at work on the latest installment of The Walking Dead. Today it confirmed that The Walking Dead: Michonne, a new miniseries that it has been working on, is going to premiere on February 23rd. It’s going to release an extended preview of this miniseries this Sunday.

The Walking Dead Release For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Confirmed
Telltale Games’ popular episodic series The Walking Dead may have wrapped up the second season but its not going to bow out without first landing on next-generation consoles. The Walking Dead release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was confirmed today through Twitter. This is the first time that the series will be launched for these consoles. Having wrapped up The Walking Dead Season 2, Telltale Games has now shifted its […]

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Trailer Focuses On Clementine's Survival
If the recent leak of The Walking Dead season 2’s release date on Steam is any indication, we could be seeing the first episode of the highly-anticipated sequel as early as next week. Telltale Games has teased us with info and a trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead, and today the company has released another brand-new trailer for the title.

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Release Date Revealed On Steam
Telltale Games has been keeping the release date and pricing for the second season of The Walking Dead pretty close to themselves, although both pieces of extremely important information have been revealed on Steam. According to the updated Steam page, December 17 is when you should expect the second season of The Walking Dead to be released. Purchasing the entire second season will cost $22.49, which is a 10% discount […]

The Walking Dead Game Of The Year Edition Available On PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Telltale Games released a trailer for the second season of their popular The Walking Dead game just a few weeks ago. But if you have yet to play the first season of The Walking Dead, Telltale has done their best to make it available across numerous gaming platforms and even mobile devices. If you’d prefer to have physical media over just a a few hundred MBs taking up space on your […]

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Trailer Released
Just the other day, Telltale Games teased they would be revealing the first trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead as well as some details as to what fans of the game can expect. The Walking Dead: Season Two will star Clementine, who we all should be extremely familiar with from the first season of The Walking Dead, she she attempts to survive the world that has been […]

The Walking Dead Season Two Details Teased By Telltale Games
Those who played through the first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead are waiting impatiently for its second season to be released, which we reported earlier this year would be happening this fall. We haven’t heard much in regards to the new season of The Walking Dead, that is, until Telltale released a new image teasing new details regarding the game will be released later this week.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 Free On Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead has been one of those games that will always live on in the hearts of gamers considering how gripping its overall story was. If you have yet to experience it for yourself, TellTale is going to make it even easier for you to check it out as they are announcing The Walking Dead – Episode 1: A New Day is now available for free on […]

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Available On PS3; Coming Soon To PC / Mac, XBLA, iOS [Video]
Telltale is releasing The Walking Dead: 400 Days across PSN, XBLA, PC / Mac and iOS over the next couple of days.

The Walking Dead Available For Under $5 In This Week's Humble Bundle
The Humble Bundle is featuring a number of Telltale Games' titles, including The Walking Dead.

TellTale's The Walking Dead Coming To PlayStation Vita This Year
TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead game, which is not to be confused with Activision’s cringe-worthy The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, has made an absolute killing as TellTale announced earlier this year they sold a total of 8.5 million episodes since its April debut. The game has been made available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and even iOS, and it’ll soon be making its way to another game platform […]

The Walking Dead Game Season Two Releasing Fall 2013
TellTale’s The Walking Dead game has received countless praise by the media as well as fans of the popular TV series for its incredible story that lead to the majority of people still regretting many of their decisions to this day. The last episode of the game’s first season was released this past November, but fans of the game have been waiting to hear more about The Walking Dead’s second […]

The Walking Dead Sells 8.5 Million Episodes Since April Debut
One of my most favorite games of 2013 has got to be The Walking Dead from TellTale Games. Each episode had some of the most amazing scenes that will certainly stay with me for years to come, and that’s something rare seeing how many games I play on a regular basis. It seems I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the game as TellTale announced quite the feat for its The […]

Walking Dead: The Game coming to iOS this Thursday
Telltale Games, the developers behind the hit “The Walking Dead” video game for PC/ Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360, has just confirmed that it will bring the first episode of The Walking Dead to iOS this coming July 26, Thursday. So, if you’ve been looking forward to play this game on your shiny new iPad or iPhone, it will be only a matter of days before you will be able […]

The Walking Dead first-person shooter video game from Terminal Reality announced
It seems that one game isn’t enough to honor AMC’s popular TV series – The Walking Dead. If you are done playing Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” adventure game, the don’t fret because another The Walking Dead-inspired game is underway. Activision has just announced the coming of Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead first person shooter video game. The game revolves around the characters Daryl Dixon and Marle Dixon – two brothers […]