Telltale Games has now confirmed when it’s going to release season three of its episodic adaptation of The Walking Dead. Two seasons of this series have already been released and fans of the game have appreciated it very much. They will certainly be looking forward to the third season now. Telltale Games has announced that A New Frontier is the third season of its The Walking Dead episodic game series.

The plot is set a few years into the future in the third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Clementine, one of the protagonists from the original season, is now portrayed as a teenager in A New Frontier.

Javier is a second playable character that’s being introduced with season three. Fans should expect the same decision-making gameplay experience that they have grown accustomed to in the first two seasons.

There’s an element of mystery attached to this season as well. Executive producer Kevin Boyle said at PAX West that throughout the season Javier will continue to unravel the mystery of who Clementine has become as both of their stories intersect.

Telltale Games is yet to confirm precisely when it’s going to release The Walking Dead season three but it has provided a timeframe. The developer says that we should expect the latest season of this episodic game to land on mobile devices, PC, and consoles come November this year.

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