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New Information About The Witcher Series Revealed
Netflix has been working on an original series based on the popular game The Witcher and now some more information has come to light about the series. Fans will be delighted to find out a couple of more things about the upcoming series as not much has been communicated after it was confirmed that a series is going to be developed.

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Series Is One Step Closer To Completion
Last year it was announced that Netflix would be adapting “The Witcher” into a TV series. There was no mention of when it would be launched, but it looks like we’re one step closer to it being a reality, thanks to a recent tweet by Lauren Hissrich (via GameSpot) who is the writer for the upcoming show.

The Witcher’s ‘Gwent’ Public Beta To Kick Off Next Week
With The Witcher video game trilogy officially coming to a close and with CD Projekt Red pretty much stating that there are no plans for a fourth The Witcher title, this leaves players with Gwent, a game based on a mini-game in The Witcher that was announced last year. For those interested in the game, the public beta has been announced for next week.

Netflix To Make ‘The Witcher’ Into A TV Series
CD Projekt Red’s RPG “The Witcher” is probably one of the more beloved RPGs in modern times, and with the trilogy concluded and there being no plans for a The Witcher 4, this means that gamers are pretty much out of content, or are they? For fans of the franchise, fret not because the next best thing is coming.


CD Projekt Will ‘Think About’ Making Another ‘The Witcher’ Game
The Witcher is probably one of the more heralded RPGs in recent years, although with the launch of The Witcher 3, it seemed as though the folks at CD Projekt were done with the series. In fact last year when asked about the future of the franchise, they basically said that there won’t be any new The Witcher titles anytime soon, if at all.

Author Of Witcher Novels Says Game Negatively Impacted The Books
The Witcher series of video games is one of the more well-known RPG games available right now. However in case you didn’t know (we’re finding out about this today too), the game is actually based on a series of books from the 1990s by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Interesting, huh?

The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro Upgrade Ruled Out
Sony recently unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s a more powerful version of the console it released in 2013 with features like 4K gaming. Several existing games will be upgraded to take advantage of the additional performance that the refreshed console offers, but CD Projekt Red is not going to spend time developing a PS4 Pro upgrade for The Witcher 3. It has confirmed that The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro […]

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine For Xbox One Launched Early
The Witcher 3’s second major expansion has been anxiously awaited by players across the globe. It was only last week that the official trailer for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion was released. This expansion was due to release in Q1 this year but it had to be delayed to the first half of 2016. The expansion appears to have gone live early for Xbox One owners who own […]

The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Trailer Released
The Witcher 3 players have been waiting for the second expansion to arrive for quite some time now. Earlier this month the potential release date for The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine expansion was leaked online through a Steam listing. Those who are patiently waiting for it have something to gawk at today, as the official Witcher 3: Blood And Wine trailer has ben released.

The Witcher 2 Is Free For Xbox One
Microsoft flipped the switch on backwards compatibility for Xbox One last year, publishers can now tweak the titles they previously released for Xbox 360 to make them compatible with Xbox One as well. The company has revealed today that ever since this ability was added to the current-gen console more than 21 million hours have been logged by Xbox One gamers playing just backwards compatible titles. It’s now going to […]

Latest The Witcher Patch Impacts Framerate On PS4, Xbox One
Usually when developers release a new patch for a game, it’s something to look forward to because it usually means bugs have been fixed, improvements have been made, and potentially new features have also been added. Take The Witcher’s latest patch that brings the game to version 1.07.The patch does bring a lot to the table, but unfortunately it turns out that some of the things it has brought includes […]