The-Witcher-3The Witcher series of video games is one of the more well-known RPG games available right now. However in case you didn’t know (we’re finding out about this today too), the game is actually based on a series of books from the 1990s by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Interesting, huh?

Now you would think that the game and its fans would help drive the sales of the book, and that’s indeed what happened. However its author seems to think that the game might have actually had a negative impact on his books, which seems to stem from gamers assuming the game came before the books. Then he also had to deal with the perception that books written about video games tend to be, well, bad.

Speaking to Tygodnik POLITYKA, Sapowski said, “Seeing a picture from the game on the cover of my book, many fans assumed that the game was first. And respectable fans of sci-fi and fantasy hold such derivative books in contempt … I have to keep explaining to the fans that I wrote the book 12 years before the game was made and that the Sandworm is from the game, not the books. You couldn’t find a Sandworm in the books even if you tried.”

He adds, “The issues that I have thanks to the games are not at all caused by the game itself. I am not envious of the game’s undeniable success, I’m far from it. There is but one original Witcher. That one which belongs to me. And nothing will take it away from me.”

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