Time Warner Cable Adding TWC TV App Support To Another Platform This Week

Time Warner Cable has been making its TWC TV app available on a number of platforms which include mobile devices, some set-top boxes and even video game consoles. And this week, Time Warner Cable is set to add another platform to the mix, which we, and the rest of the tech world, means the Apple TV.

Time Warner Cable Boosting Internet Data Speeds In Select Markets

Time Warner Cable hasn’t been having the greatest year with its customers as they stopped carrying CBS for around two months, resulting in the loss of 117,000 customers. 24,000 broadband customers also jumped shipped this year, although Time Warner Cable will be upping the speed of their Internet service as a way to entice customers to return as well as keep their current subscribers happy for putting up with the […]

Xbox 360 Receives TWC TV App With Access To 300 Live Channels

It was earlier this summer when Time Warner Cable announced they would be making their TWC TV application, which is currently available on a number of mobile devices and even some set-top boxes, available onto the Xbox 360. If you’re a Time Warner Cable, you can now head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the TWC TV app as it’s just officially launched.

Apple, Time Warner Cable Nearing Deal To Bring Service To Apple TV

Apple and Time Warner Cable are nearing deal that would bring its content to Apple TV.


Xbox 360 Welcomes Time Warner Cable Live TV App Later This Summer

Microsoft has announced its Xbox 360 will be getting the Time Warner Cable Live TV app later this summer.

Time Warner Cable Launching TWC TV App On Samsung Smart TVs [Update]

Time Warner Cable will launch its TWC TV app on Samsung Smart TVs, allowing its customers to watch content without a cable box.

TWC TV App For Android Updated With On Demand Content

We reported last month that Time Warner Cable will be updating its TWC TV app to offer live TV as well as on demand content. The update was expected soon after Cablevision had announced that its Optimum for iPad app will be offering customers the facility to watch live TV wherever they might be. TWC confirmed today that by next Tuesday they will be releasing a “serious” update to the TWC […]

Time Warner Cable Updating TWC TV App To Offer Live TV Anywhere, VOD Content

Earlier this month, Cablevision announced it would be offering live TV anywhere through its Optimum for iPad application, although the channel selection were extremely limited. It looks like another cable provider will soon be offering the ability to stream live TV while away from your home as Time Warner Cable is expected to launch an update to its TWC TV app.Just like with Cablevision’s offering, the channel lineup for Time […]

Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Believe Gigabit Internet Is In Demand

The FCC’s Chairman Julius Genachoski may have challenged the U.S. to his “Gigabit City Challenge,” which he’s hoping would spark at least one community in every state to offer gigabit Internet, but according to Time Warner Cable, it’s completely unnecessary.According to Time Warner Cable’s CFO Irene Esteves who spoke at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, TWC doesn’t believe gigabit Internet is something its customers want. “We’re in the […]

Time Warner Cable Bringing Up To 300 Streaming Channels To Roku

[CES 2013] Roku has been receiving application support from a number of products like Spotify as well as support from hardware manufacturers like Westinghouse, and it looks as though cable companies are starting to take notice of the little media streaming box that could.At CES, Roku and Time Warner Cable struck a deal that would bring content from up to 300 streaming channels to Roku devices at launch. Of course, you’ll […]

Time Warner Cable Boosts Standard Internet Speeds By 50% For Free

Time Warner Cable may not be the cream of the crop in terms of watching Netflix on, but the company has announced it will be boosting its download speeds to its Standard Internet customers by 50% at no additional cost.The boost will take Time Warner Cable’s Standard Internet customers from a download speed of 10mbps to an acceptable boost of 15mbps. Standard Internet customers who want to experience the boost […]

Time Warner Cable TV for iPad App Updated With On-Demand Access

Nowadays, it isn’t enough for mobile apps for television service providers to allow its users to pay their bill, manager their DVR or check their local television schedule in hopes “Small Wonder” will miraculously make its way back to television. They need to offer streaming live video to mobile devices, specifically tablets, for its users, and many of companies are finally starting to catch up to this trend. Time Warner […]

Time Warner Cable announces streaming app for Android 4.0 devices

While iOS users have had the luxury of streaming Time Warner Cable’s shows onto their iPhones and iPads, Android users have sadly been left out of the loop – at least until now when TWC has announced that their app for Android will be gaining streaming capabilities in just a few weeks. The service is expected to be made available by Memorial Day but unfortunately it seems that the only […]

Time Warner Cable users experience outage

Most of us with a decent Internet connection these days might have gotten far too comfortable in our respective comfort zones – that an outage, even a short one, might actually irk us to no end. Well, I guess the same applies to a bunch of Time Warner Cable’s Internet customers around the country earlier this morning when a brief outage happened. According to Time Warner Cable, “We appear to […]