Verizon Reportedly Mulling Charter Acquisition

A new report is making the rounds on major financial publications today. It’s claimed that Verizon is thinking about acquiring Charter which is the second largest cable company in the United States. If this does end up happening, Verizon will carve itself an enviable position in the country’s cable market. Nothing has been confirmed at this point in time, obviously, but there are enough whispers to make people pay attention.

Apple’s Latest Hire Fuels TV Service Rumors

It has long been rumored that Apple is interested in launching a standalone TV streaming service of its own. Recent reports have suggested that networks are not willing to play ball as the rates that Apple is offering are too low. However, the company’s latest hire is now fueling rumors of a TV service yet again, it makes sense because Apple’s newest employee happens to be a former Time Warner […]

Time Warner Doesn’t Blame Itself For Data Leak Of 320K Customers

It was only yesterday that Time Warner Cable announced that data of more than 320,000 customers had leaked online, this included their emails and passwords, however, the company isn’t assigning itself any blame for the breach. A spokesperson for TWC says that the company has not yet determined how this data was obtained and that there’s nothing to indicate that the breach happened at its end.

Time Warner Cable Suffered National Outage Yesterday

Time Warner Cable customers didn’t have a particularly relaxing Sunday if they tried using some of the services that this company offers because it was having trouble dealing with a national outage. There were issues with its national network which led to Time Warner’s TV and internet service being knocked offline across the country. Imagine having to spend a Sunday without TV or internet, oh the horror!


As Comcast Fails To Acquire Time Warner, Charter May Swoop In

It’s no secret that Charter has wanted to acquire Time Warner Cable for quite some time now. It went in with an offer for the company back in 2014 but it was rejected and Comcast come in with a much better competing offer. However Comcast’s plans to acquire Time Warner Cable didn’t go through because regulators were not in favor of it. This has given Charter another chance and if reports […]

Comcast Reportedly Gives Up On Time Warner Acquisition

It has been over a year since Comcast announced its intention to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45 billion. The announcement gave rise to serious concerns about competition in the cable business and many believed that federal regulators wouldn’t allow this merger to go through easily. A new report published today claims that Comcast has decided to back away from its plan to acquire Time Warner Cable.

Comcast Time Warner Merger Might Not Get Through

The Comcast Time Warner merger has got a lot of people concerned, regulators are that entirely open to the idea as well which is why it hasn’t been closed yet. Comcast has been working very hard recently to convince regulators to approve the $45 billion merger but if recent reports are true this might not happen. The FCC could effectively kill Comcast’s chances of merging with Time Warner.

Comcast Reportedly Writing Politicians’ Letters Of Support For TWC Merger

Corporations and individuals are known to contribute thousands of dollars to politicians’ campaigns which is why its not surprising at all to see politicians voting to appease their donors. Comcast may have taken it a step further. The company is reportedly writing letters for politicians that lend support to the Comcast and Time Warner merger, and those politicians are simply putting their names on the letters and sending them to […]

Comcast And TWC Ranked Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

Time and time again we read stories online about the experiences people have with customer support at two of the biggest companies in the U.S., Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Its no secret that many people have criticized the customer support that these companies offer and it appears that this trend isn’t dying down. Once again Comcast and Time Warner Cable find themselves at the bottom of the American Consumer […]

Netflix Petitions FCC To Kill Comcast And TWC Merger

Netflix has been opposed to the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable since the day it was announced. The online video streaming giant today formally petitioned the FCC to put an end to the merger as it would cause “serious public interest harm.” Netflix explains its reasons in a 256-page document which not only points out potential public interest harm, but also aims to establish that the public will have […]

Netflix Pays Time Warner Too For Faster Speeds

Earlier this year we saw Netflix ink its first agreement after reports emerged that its users were being throttled by ISPs. Under the agreement Netflix pays an undisclosed amount directly to the ISP so that its users are not throttled and they get the streaming experience that they expect from it. The online streaming giant has now signed a similar agreement with Time Warner Cable hoping to bring its subscribers on that […]

Comcast Might Introduce Data Caps For All Customers In Five Years

During a talk with investors Comcast executive vice president David Cohen said that he expects the company to roll out “usage-based billing” within the next five years. What that basically means is that the company is looking to introduce data caps for all of its customers. It certainly won’t be doing something new. Comcast is already enforcing a 300GB limit for all customers in seven states.

Rhapsody Is Exclusive Music Streaming Service For Fan TV

Time Warner Cable and Fan TV announced today that the Fan TV set-top box is going to feature Rhapsody as the exclusive music streaming service at launch. For those who don’t know, Fan TV is a new set-top box that is capable of streaming live TV, has a variety of applications as well as a touch remote. It offers Time Warner Cable subscribers with ability to access on-demand streaming services […]

Time Warner Cable Open To Including Netflix On Its Set-Top Boxes

Time Warner Cable announced they will be adding its TWC TV application to another platform this week, with many speculating it might possibly land on either the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. It looks like Time Warner Cable isn’t just thinking of expanding its service to other platforms, but also embracing another video streaming service onto its own set-top boxes.