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Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets FCC approval for T-Mobile
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 might have received an injunction for it not to be sold in Germany, but I guess if you’re the type who looks at a glass half full, then it is great news that said tablet will not face any sales ban in the US, considering how the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s variant has passed FCC testing for T-Mobile.This tablet was filed under the model number SGH-T859, where […]

LG G-Slate gets Android 3.1 Honeycomb update
The LG G-Slate from T-Mobile has certainly been lacking when it comes to the Android 3.x Honeycomb update race, considering the Motorola XOOM as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have already received the update some time back. Nice to know that T-Mobile is not going to take things easily, where they just announced the availability of an Android 3.1 Honeycomb update coming our way sometime today at best, or […]

T-Mobile LG Flip II spotted?
What you see above might very well be the LG Flip II that is said to arrive on T-Mobile’s networks. Of course, this is not the first sighting of the device, where it was leaked back in May via a roadmap, and people do think that this particular model does in fact, match up with the leaked image which was released a month after that. There were rumors going around […]

T-Mobile leak points toward BlackBerry Bold 9900 pricing details
Research In Motion (RIM) has just introduced its latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone which runs on the new BlackBerry OS 7 to boot. No idea on just when it will arrive, but a leaked document from T-Mobile does give a semblance of an idea – making it a rather expensive smartphone when you consider all the dollars that you exchange for it.


T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S to ship with Gingerbread?
T-Mobile’s upcoming Wildfire S has been spotted in the past, where some folks called it the HTC Marvel. Since it has already passed the FCC earlier this month, it makes perfect sense that this smartphone is really close to a commercial release – and here we have it, a leaked specifications sheet from T-Mobile about the HTC Marvel, or should we say, the Wildfire S.The original HTC Wildfire was a […]

HTC Flyer set to arrive at T-Mobile USA
T-Mobile USA is all set to offer the HTC Flyer tablet, considering that said device has already arrived at the FCC. This is the GSM version mind you,where it will also go by the moniker PG41120, as the T-Mobile Flyer supports GSM 850 and 1900 bands in addition to T-Mobile USA’s WCDMA IV band.  Of course, why do we say T-Mobile? The signs are all there already, so there is […]

T-Mobile offers Valentine's Day giveaways
Every company should have a unique selling point, otherwise what makes one different from another? It is the same as choosing a spouse – he or she will need certain characteristics that you’re looking for, and vice versa, before walking down the aisle. T-Mobile intends to rain on Verizon’s iPhone 4 parade with their latest offer – a Valentine’s Day giveaway which includes newer handsets such as the Samsung Vibrant […]

T-Mobile's upcoming Samsung Galaxy S variant hits FCC without HSPA+
While the original Galaxy S for T-Mobile having jumped through the hoops of the FCC back in June last year, here is another variant that will make a stop at the FCC all over again. What is different from its predecessor would be the lack of HSPA+ connectivity, where it is also known as the SGH-T959V. Being similar to the Samsung Vibrant in its outlook where external design is concerned, […]

T-Mobile announces Samsung Galaxy Tab for the US market officially
At long last, T-Mobile in the US has announced their first Android-powered tablet, which comes in the form of the Galaxy Tab. We do know that the “Top Things to Know About the Galaxy Tab” document has been leaked, but for those who are more interested about when to pick up the Galaxy Tab, mark November 10th on your calendars. Samsung has carefully positioned the Galaxy Tab as a powerful […]

T-Mobile caters for the budget minded with LG Optimus T
Fancy owning a phone that suits your budget to a T? OK, bad jokes aside, T-Mobile has your bank balance in mind (as in preserving as much of it as possible) with the new budget-minded LG Optimus T Android-powered smartphone. You won’t find its features to be so lacking that the handset itself is a huge turn-off – no sir, a 3.2-inch touchscreen display with Swype, a 3.2-megapixel camera with […]