Every company should have a unique selling point, otherwise what makes one different from another? It is the same as choosing a spouse – he or she will need certain characteristics that you’re looking for, and vice versa, before walking down the aisle. T-Mobile intends to rain on Verizon’s iPhone 4 parade with their latest offer – a Valentine’s Day giveaway which includes newer handsets such as the Samsung Vibrant and T-Mobile G2 for free – so long as you pen a 2-year deal with the mobile carrier. This deal will be available on February 11 and 12 only, and could be seen as a marketing move to pre-empt potential iPhone 4 buyers at Verizon by certain quarters. What do you think? AT&T isn’t too far behind either, delivering free MicroCells with Sprint aiming to lure newbies with the dual-screen Kyocera Echo.

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