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Galaxy S7 TouchWiz Rumored To Have More Fluency Than iOS
TouchWiz, the custom skin that Samsung slaps on top of its Android smartphones, has come a long way over the past few years. It’s not as bloated as it used to be and it doesn’t weigh down the device as much, yet there’s still room for improvement. A new rumor suggests that Samsung is going to significantly improve the TouchWiz experience in its upcoming flagship, claiming that TouchWiz on the […]

Galaxy S6 Will Come Preloaded With Only Two Samsung Apps
Samsung users have long complained that the company adds unwanted bloatware to its software which makes its devices feel slow and sluggish. A few months back it was reported that Samsung is going to change this with the Galaxy S6 and that it will remove those unnecessary apps from TouchWiz. A new report published today claims that the Galaxy S6 will come preloaded with only two Samsung apps, all the […]

Samsung’s 64-Bit Optimized TouchWiz Set For Galaxy S6 Rollout
In a page that is not too different from that of what Apple applied to their iOS mobile operating system, Samsung has decided to match the 64-bit Exynos and Android 5.0 Lollipop kernel, which means Samsung could very well roll out a 64-bit-optimized TouchWiz for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship, and no doubt that this will include a completely rewritten stock dialer, messaging, gallery, and other apps, among others.

Galaxy S6 Expected To Bring Major Software Changes
Samsung is often criticized for making the software on its smartphones too heavy due to all the bloatware it includes, and even though some useful features are included in Samsung’s customizations, there are many users who push the company to go with much cleaner software. A report published today claims that Samsung will finally honor the wishes of those users and make major changes to the software that powers Galaxy […]


Samsung Has A Strict Diet Plan For TouchWiz
 Not all Samsung users are crazy about TouchWiz. Like many other Android OEMs Samsung too slaps on its custom skin on top of the operating system. It brings a unique look and feel to the company’s devices as well as some exclusive features. However as a result the software on these devices can be heavy and bloated which ultimately reflects badly on the user experience. A report published today claims that […]

Samsung’s Own Themes Could Arrive On Android Phones (Rumor)
Samsung does have its fair share of Android-powered smartphones that have rolled out over the years, and it goes without saying that many of them can be recognized in a jiffy thanks to the TouchWiz theme. Well, it seems that TouchWiz has definitely split opinions right down the middle, while some of them like it, there are also others who would wish for a stock Android experience instead. However, if […]

TouchWiz Apps From Samsung Galaxy S5 Spotted
The Samsung Galaxy S5, an upcoming flagship that has yet to be released but has been officially announced last month, looks set to usher in a new era of flagship devices as well. However, we are pleased to take note that a more and more active developer community would allow users to experience some of the features from the handset before the device itself is actually released officially. Apparently, some […]