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Xbox One Demo Tour Expected To Add 36 Cities Across U.S., Canada [Rumor]
Microsoft had announced it would be taking the Xbox One across the U.S. and Canada to give fans and those who are on the fence whether or not they’ll buy it or the PlayStation 4 a chance to get some hands-on time with the next-generation console. At the time, Microsoft had only announced five locations for their whirlwind tour, but it looks like they may have more tour dates hidden up […]

Bike Guide concept: a solar-powered tour bus with onboard bicycles
While tour busses are a necessary part of most tours, they don’t always stop where you want them to stop at. And when they do, most of the time you don’t get to go out of the bus; you’re forced to just look out the windows. After awhile, the bus will move on to the next stop on the tour and then the same thing happens. Now wouldn’t it be […]

Rayovac brings indestructible torchlight on a nationwide tour
Rayovac has just announced a nationwide tour where they will be showing off their new torchlight. Called the Indstructible Tour, Rayovac will be hitting different states around the US and showing off just how indestructible their torch light is. The Indestructible light has a body made from aluminum and titanium, and pack a set of LED lights with a brightness of 100-150 lumens. The torchlight is built to withstand 30-foot […]

BlackBerry Tour 9630 gets OS leak
If you happen to own a BlackBerry Tour 9630 and are feeling a little bit more adventurous compared to other smartphone owners, why not give the OS leak a go? After all, this is not an official release, so the chances of things running awry is much higher than that of Iraq carrying WMDs all those years back. Installation of this OS leak is done at your own peril, […]


BlackBerry Tour trackball defect
The BlackBerry Tour is not exactly the hottest selling product on the market right now, but that’s a good thing since Research in Motion will have enough time to do something about the physical design defect of a trackball that gets clogged up all too easily, requiring users to clean it on a frequent basis to keep it going. The Tour has so far experienced up to a 50% return […]