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While tour busses are a necessary part of most tours, they don’t always stop where you want them to stop at. And when they do, most of the time you don’t get to go out of the bus; you’re forced to just look out the windows. After awhile, the bus will move on to the next stop on the tour and then the same thing happens. Now wouldn’t it be great if tourists had the opportunity to explore the stops if they wanted to?

A designer from Seoul, South Korea thought so too and came up with something called the Bike Guide: a solar-powered vehicle that carriers bicycles as well as passengers. When the Bike Guide stops at an interesting location, its passengers will be able to get off, grab a bike and do some exploring on their own before returning to the bus to head to the next location. This way, tourists gets to explore locations on their own time, while the Bike Guide can take a break to recharge its batteries in the sun.

And if the Bike Guide breaks down – users always have the option to cycle back instead of waiting around for help. Definitely a concept I’d like to see come to life, especially in countries with great scenery and paths for cycling. What do you think?

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