Google Apologizes For Translation Software Screwing Up

It does take a fair bit of guts to say that one is sorry when one has done something wrong – and for a company to do so would go some way in gaining back some of the goodwill in which it has lost due to a recent gaffe. In fact, Google has just issued an apology after they were bombarded by messages from unhappy users, who claim that their […]

Government Website Has Klingon Translation On Offer

How is your grasp with languages? What if we were to tell you that an Illinois Department of Employment Security professional is capable of appealing your denied claim in Klingon? For those of you who have never had anything to do with Star Trek before, it would do you well to know that Klingon is an unofficial language which was created for humanoid characters in the “Star Trek” TV series […]

Google+ Rolls Out Real-Time Translation Service

A number of social media services have been rolling out real-time translations for messages that just so happen to not be in your own native tongue as we’ve seen Twitter roll out this feature just a few months ago. Today, it looks like it’s Google+’s turn as the service is now making it easier for everyone to communicate by offering real-time translations.

Google Translate Lets You Bring Your Phrasebook Everywhere

Your Phrasebook is now synchronized to Google Translate.


Twitter is now available in five new languages

Good news for folks who don’t use English as a main language – Twitter has announced on its blog that it now supports an additional five new languages, bringing up the total number of supported languages to 17. Twitter is now available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Tagalog and Malay. With last week’s announcement of having over 100 million active users on the service, the availability of these new […]

Google Translate supports five more alpha languages

The experimental part of Google never ceases to amaze – and their latest handiwork would mean you will be able to explore the linguistic diversity of the Indian sub-continent with Google Translate, where it will be able to support five new experimental alpha languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. It is estimated that just India and Bangladesh alone have over 500 million people who speak these five languages. […]

Google offer Google Translate API for a fee

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Google had announced the shutting down of several APIs including the hugely popular Google Translate. Undoubtedly it sprouted a barrage of comments from unhappy developers who made use of the APIs in their websites/apps. Some people were more constructive though, and suggested that Google offer a paid version of the Translation API instead, to help curb its “extensive abuse”. And it looks […]

Google gets rid of APIs for Translate and other services

While this piece of news might not directly affect you, it looks like some of your favorite websites or web services might be affected by Google’s latest announcement. On the official Google Code blog, they announced that at the end this year, they will be getting rid of some of their APIs (Application Programming Interface). In case you weren’t aware of what an API is, it is a collection of […]

Kinect used to translate sign language

Instead of the usual weird or funny Kinect hacks we have for you this week, we’ve got something that could actually benefit society. Some French folks have come up with a program that can use the Kinect to detect the hand gestures used in sign language. Once detected, the sign language is then translated into words that are shown on screen. At the moment, only two words are recognized – “hello” […]

Microsoft developer tool helps port iOS apps to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft might have over 10,000 apps in the Windows Marketplace, but it’s got nothing on Apple’s 300,000 apps available on their App Store. So, in an effort to bring a wider app selection to WP7 users, Microsoft has announced the launch of a new service to help accelerate the catching up. Called iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool, it helps developers to bring their iOS apps over to […]

Google Translate for Android gets Conversation Mode

Google has updated and improved its Translate app for Android by giving it a new look and a Conversation Mode. The new mode allows two folks who are trying to talk to each other to speak into the phone, one at a time, and see the conversation translated easily before them. The new interface is cleaner and should be easier to use, featuring drop-down menus for language choices. Currently Conversation […]