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Ubuntu Touch Phone Not Expected Until 2015
Canonical’s ambitious plan to bring its Ubuntu Edge smartphone to the market crashed and burned last year, failing to raise the $32 million the company required to put the wheels in motion. The crowdfunding campaign did manage to break previous crowdfunding records, but not enough donations were pledged to actually get the project started. Late last year the company revealed that it had signed up a new hardware partner, which is […]

Meizu MX3 Spotted Running On Ubuntu
For those of you who have been looking forward to the regular Meizu MX3 roll out to the masses living in the US, you might be pleased to hear that this particular smartphone will arrive in the US later in the third quarter of the year. This particular model will run on the Flyme 3.0 custom Android user interface, but here we are with a snapshot of what looks to […]

Ubuntu Phones To Be Released By Multiple OEMs This Year
The folks at Canonical are working hard to bring Ubuntu to smartphones. They have already released a beta build of the firmware for supported Android devices, while the company is actively working to bring OEMs on board who will partner up to release Ubuntu OS powered smartphones. Canonical tried getting in on the manufacturing game itself with the crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone, however it wasn’t able to reach its $32 […]

Ubuntu Touch OS Finally Has Its First Smartphone Partner
Next year might finally bring smartphones developed specifically for the Ubuntu Touch OS. Even though Canonical’s ambitious Ubuntu Edge smartphone could never reach its insane crowdfunding goal, its not like the team gave up on trying to get the OS on smartphones. Stable builds have already been released for Nexus devices, but a smartphone partner means that the OS will finally have a shot at other players in the global smartphone […]


Stable Ubuntu Touch OS Release For Smartphones Available Now
Last month Canonical promised that it would release Ubuntu Touch OS on October 17th, and it has followed through on its promise. Ubuntu Touch OS has been released today. Canonical has been working on an Ubuntu OS compatible with tablets and smartphones for a long time. It even wanted to produce its own smartphone which would have been powered by this OS, but unfortunately that crowdfunded project didn’t pan out. […]

Ubuntu Touch OS To Release On October 17th
Its no secret that Canonical has been working on an Ubuntu operating system that runs on smartphones and tablets, its called Ubuntu Touch. Canonical actually launched a pretty ambitious crowdfunding project for new smartphone powered by this OS called Ubuntu Edge. It was supposed to have a quadcore processor, 2GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, a 4.5 inch display, loads of connectivity options and an 8 megapixel rear camera. The campaign […]

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Indiegogo Project Targets $32 Million
We have seen our fair share of smartphones over the years, and right now, the major players in the mobile operating system arena would be Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS and to a certain extent, the fledgling Firefox OS. The question is this – is there still room for one more? Perhaps, as Ubuntu is looking at a new smartphone strategy that comes in the form of the […]

System76 Galago UltraPro Runs On Haswell Processor And Ubuntu
The System76 Galago Ultrapro is one thin Ubuntu-powered notebook at 0.75".

Asus 1015E With Ubuntu Set To Arrive On The Cheap
So you are on the lookout for a new laptop, and since you are pretty much down and out where cold, hard cash is concerned, what are you to do? Fret not, as the folks over at Asus do have a heart on the contrary to allegations that huge corporations are all about profit and nothing else, as they have announced the availability of the Asus 1015E that will run […]

Alienware X51 Gets Ubuntu OS As An Option
Linux and computer gaming are not exactly bosom buddies, but this has not stopped Dell’s Alienware arm from delivering the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with the option of having Ubuntu running on it as the operating system of choice. This particular option is made available to those living in the US, where users are able to select either Windows or Ubuntu when making their purchase. So far, initial impressions of […]

Ubuntu Variant Will Be China's State-Endorsed Operating System Of Choice
When it comes to technology, more often than not we hear about China censoring the internet and whatnot. In fact for those unfamiliar, popular services such as YouTube and Twitter have their own Chinese counterparts, such as Youku and Weibo. China has also launched their own mobile operating system in place of Android (although it is based off Android), and even has a Google of their own in the form […]

Intermatrix U7 Ubuntu Tablet
An Ubuntu-powered tablet is not something that folks would camp out for, but this does not mean we should not pay closer attention to such a tablet. The Intermatrix U7 is an Ubuntu tablet which has been touted to be the “first of its kind in the world”, hailing from Australian manufacturer Intermatrix. Just what kind of hardware does the Intermatrix U7 pack underneath the hood? For starters, it is […]

Ubuntu Touch Ported To Galaxy S3
When you talk about the Samsung Galaxy S3, most folks would definitely be able to identify with this particular flagship smartphone from the South Korean company, and the main point it makes? It is an Android-powered device. I guess if you ever wanted to muck around someone’s head, then it would be a good idea to check out just how this Samsung Galaxy S3 is able to run a copy […]

Canonical Ubuntu Tablet Introduced
Canonical has just introduced a spanking new tablet model that will run on its hugely popular Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, where it will target the mid-range and high-end ARM and Intel-based tablet market. Most of the interface will be gesture-based, which is not too far from how the BlackBerry 10 platform relies on the outside edges of the display as well as bezel to initiate user actions.Canonical claims that users […]

Ubuntu Mobile Developer Edition Lands On February 21
Developers will be able to use their Google Galaxy Nexus and Google Nexus 4 devices to “flash” a developer-friendly version of Ubuntu Mobile from Canonical.  Interestingly, Google gave away thousands of those devices during their Google IO developer events, and that’s probably why they were high on the list of devices to support for this release.

Ubuntu Phone Targets October 2013 Launch
The mobile operating system environment can be said to be established with some players who will not budge from their places anytime soon – iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and of course, Windows Phone 8. Is there more room for one more player? Perhaps, as it is said that Ubuntu would be a decent candidate sometime down the road. First announced a few weeks ago, the Ubuntu smartphone is said to […]

Ubuntu Powered Smartphones Coming Your Way
Ubuntu maker Canonical intends to jump into the highly competitive smartphone market by making a bold announcement. They have stated their intention of developing a version of its popular Linux-based operating system that was specially designed to be the driving force behind smartphones, and have set the target of seeing the maiden Ubuntu-powered smartphone arrive in the mass markets by the time 2014 rolls around. However, in what some might […]

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition On Sale
The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is also known as Project Sputnik, where it has now gone on sale for those who are willing to fork out $1,549 for this bad boy. The asking price is $50 more expensive compared to the Windows powered version, where this model will be pre-installed with Ubuntu 12.04. The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is an Ubuntu Ultrabook, and it bears the hallmark of […]

Ubuntu Nexus 7 demo
Ubuntu does seem to have shifted their attention to the tablet and mobile market, where you can check it out in the video above that shows off Ubuntu running on a Nexus 7 (yes, the Asus-manufactured tablet for Google). From Ubuntu 13.04 onwards, one will see Canonical devote more time as well as resources in order to measure the ‘core platform’ function against ‘mobile metrics’ including battery life, memory consumption, […]

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal is out now
This is good timing–as the computing world braces for the wide release of Windows 8 next week, the Linux evangalists at Canonical have released a new version of Ubuntu. The version is numbered 12.10, and in line with Ubuntu’s naming convention, it’s called Quantal Quetzal. For those wondering, yes, a Quetzal is a bird native to Mexico and central America.