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Canonical Reveals Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop
Time certainly flies, don’t you think so? It has been half a dozen months already since the Saucy Salamander install rolled out. This time around, the folks over at Canonical is pushing out the most recent version of its popular Linux distro, calling it Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Of course, like any other good Linux distro, it would need to be accompanied by a code name, and so we have it […]

Tesla Model S Owners Hack Own Cars, Discover Ubuntu
There aren’t that many Tesla Model S owners around, but those who are do seem to comprise of people who have a different way of seeing things. Apparently, some Tesla Model S owners have already tried to hack their ride by wiring into the Model S’ communications system. A forum user who goes by the moniker of “nlc” managed to locate a number of ports and tap into the data […]

Meizu MX3 With Ubuntu Spotted
The Meizu MX3 was announced on an official basis last year, but it seems as though this particular smartphone is going to roll out over in the U.S. some time in the third quarter of this year, which is still a fair number of months away. Well, the Meizu MX3 holds the distinction of being one of the first smartphones that will ship with Ubuntu Linux, although one can always […]

Ubuntu Smartphones Price Will Be 'Between $200 And $400'
Canonical tried stepping into the smartphone market with the Ubuntu Edge. The crowdfunded smartphone couldn’t raise enough money, so it never saw the light of day. The company has been focusing its strengths on bringing Ubuntu to mobile phones. It has partnered up with several OEMs who have committed to developing phones that run on Ubuntu. At the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has revealed […]


Ubuntu Phones Will Hit The Market This Fall
Canonical tried to enter the smartphone game by building its very own phone, the Ubuntu Edge, but unfortunately that project failed to kick off due to insufficient crowdfunding. Since then the company has been perfecting Ubuntu OS for phones and has even released test builds for Nexus devices. Canonical has already revealed plans of teaming up with OEMs to bring Ubuntu phones to the market, now the CEO has confirmed […]

Meizu And BQ To Roll Out Ubuntu Smartphones
It does seem as though the first of Ubuntu-powered smartphones will be introduced sometime later this year, where the manufacturer would be European designer BQ as well as Chinese phone manufacturer Meizu, where the latter has had some pretty interesting releases in the past. According to Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, extra details will be revealed at the upcoming Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona, Spain, later […]

Ubuntu Touch Phone Not Expected Until 2015
Canonical’s ambitious plan to bring its Ubuntu Edge smartphone to the market crashed and burned last year, failing to raise the $32 million the company required to put the wheels in motion. The crowdfunding campaign did manage to break previous crowdfunding records, but not enough donations were pledged to actually get the project started. Late last year the company revealed that it had signed up a new hardware partner, which is […]

Meizu MX3 Spotted Running On Ubuntu
For those of you who have been looking forward to the regular Meizu MX3 roll out to the masses living in the US, you might be pleased to hear that this particular smartphone will arrive in the US later in the third quarter of the year. This particular model will run on the Flyme 3.0 custom Android user interface, but here we are with a snapshot of what looks to […]

Ubuntu Phones To Be Released By Multiple OEMs This Year
The folks at Canonical are working hard to bring Ubuntu to smartphones. They have already released a beta build of the firmware for supported Android devices, while the company is actively working to bring OEMs on board who will partner up to release Ubuntu OS powered smartphones. Canonical tried getting in on the manufacturing game itself with the crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone, however it wasn’t able to reach its $32 […]

Ubuntu Touch OS Finally Has Its First Smartphone Partner
Next year might finally bring smartphones developed specifically for the Ubuntu Touch OS. Even though Canonical’s ambitious Ubuntu Edge smartphone could never reach its insane crowdfunding goal, its not like the team gave up on trying to get the OS on smartphones. Stable builds have already been released for Nexus devices, but a smartphone partner means that the OS will finally have a shot at other players in the global smartphone […]

Stable Ubuntu Touch OS Release For Smartphones Available Now
Last month Canonical promised that it would release Ubuntu Touch OS on October 17th, and it has followed through on its promise. Ubuntu Touch OS has been released today. Canonical has been working on an Ubuntu OS compatible with tablets and smartphones for a long time. It even wanted to produce its own smartphone which would have been powered by this OS, but unfortunately that crowdfunded project didn’t pan out. […]

Ubuntu Touch OS To Release On October 17th
Its no secret that Canonical has been working on an Ubuntu operating system that runs on smartphones and tablets, its called Ubuntu Touch. Canonical actually launched a pretty ambitious crowdfunding project for new smartphone powered by this OS called Ubuntu Edge. It was supposed to have a quadcore processor, 2GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, a 4.5 inch display, loads of connectivity options and an 8 megapixel rear camera. The campaign […]

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Indiegogo Project Targets $32 Million
We have seen our fair share of smartphones over the years, and right now, the major players in the mobile operating system arena would be Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS and to a certain extent, the fledgling Firefox OS. The question is this – is there still room for one more? Perhaps, as Ubuntu is looking at a new smartphone strategy that comes in the form of the […]

System76 Galago UltraPro Runs On Haswell Processor And Ubuntu
The System76 Galago Ultrapro is one thin Ubuntu-powered notebook at 0.75".