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Under Armour & JBL Unveil New Wireless Earphones
Wireless headphones are definitely becoming more popular than they have ever been, largely thanks to how we’re seeing more handset makers ditch the headphone jacks, which means that customers need new ways of connecting headphones to their phones. We’ve seen some new models launch at IFA last week, but in case you wanted something more sporty, Under Armour has you covered.

MyFitnessPal Data Breach Exposes 150 Million User Accounts
For those who are tracking their exercise and food intake, chances are you might be using MyFitnessPal which is probably one of the more popular health/fitness apps around. Unfortunately it looks like if you are one of the platform’s users, there is a chance your data might have been exposed.

JBL & Under Armour Unveil UA Sport Wireless Flex Headphones
Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some designed to be worn while you commute, some designed to be enjoyed sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to your records, while some have been designed for gym and sports. While we suppose headphones in general could be used for any purpose, there are some differences in their design that make some better than others for certain uses.

Under Armour Unveils 3D Printed ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker
3D printing can be used for all kinds of things, and as we have seen in the past, the idea of using it to 3D print perfectly-fitting shoes has been floated before, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Under Armour has recently taken the wraps off their latest pair of 3D printed shoes, the ArchiTech Futurist.


Alleged Photos HTC & Under Armour Smartwatch Leaked
For the past few years, it has been rumored that HTC has a smartwatch in the works although to date we have yet to see it. Instead HTC and Under Armour’s collaboration has resulted in a variety of smart fitness gadgets but a smartwatch isn’t one of them. Instead the closest we got was a fitness tracker.

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness (2016)
It’s almost the end of the year which means that it will soon be the New Year, which means that it’s time for New Year Resolutions again. If one of your New Year Resolutions is to be healthy, to lose weight, to build muscles, or to train for some sporting event, these are a list of gadgets that would make the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you know. Alternatively […]

Under Armour May Launch Some Wearable Fitness Devices Next Year
Under Armour has teamed up with HTC to launch several wearable fitness devices and it appears that the company wants to continue its quest of becoming a big player in this market. It has hinted that several new products could be launched in the coming year. Given that the company showed off its existing products at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year in January, it’s quite likely that an […]

Ubergizmo’s Best of CES 2016
And it’s a wrap! CES 2016 is over. The 49th CES has brought more attendees and attention than ever. With 170k attendees (50k from abroad) and 6000 journalists and analysts, this was the largest CES ever. It is simply impossible to see everything, but we all thrived to tell you what we thought were the most interesting, sometimes out of the box, products of the show. This is our selection, […]

Under Armour And HTC Launch A Handful Of New Fitness Products
HTC and Under Armour announced last year that they will work together to create smart devices, at CES 2016 we are seeing the results of that partnership. The two companies have launched a handful of fitness related products today which include a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, a fitness tracker, a smart scale and even smart sneakers. All data collected by these products is sent to the new UA Record […]

Under Armour Acquires MyFitnessPal And Endomondo Fitness Apps
We’re sure that some of you guys have heard of Under Armour, the athletic clothing company, and how they have recently teamed up with HTC for the release of a fitness-related app.  However it seems that Under Armour’s aspirations to enter the tech scene and possibly even the wearable scene is still going strong.The company has recently announced that they have acquired two new fitness app companies – MyFitnessPal and […]

Under Armour Teams Up With HTC, Launches Fitness App
Under Armour, for those unfamiliar, makes fitness clothing that is designed to allow the wearer to feel more comfortable when working out while maximizing their performance. For the average gym goer this probably doesn’t make a difference, but for athletes and gym buffs looking to get as much as an advantage as possible, you might be interested to learn that Under Armour and HTC have recently teamed up in a […]