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Sprint to end unlimited mobile broadband and hotspot plans
If there ever was a time where you would bid farewell to unlimited mobile broadband and hotspot plans from Sprint, October 31st would be the perfect day to do so. Why, you ask? Well, we just have gotten word from Sprint that they will be officially axing both plans from November this year onwards, where data sent and received over tethering will have a 5GB cap. Bear in mind that […]

T-Mobile to launch Pay-Per-Day prepaid plans October 16th
Thanks to a leaked screenshot discovered by TmoNews, we now know that T-Mobile has plans to launch a pay-per-day prepaid plan, which is expected to be launched on the 16th of October. These plans look like pretty affordable, especially if you’re a little tight on cash that particular month.

Sprint to keep unlimited data plans
Great news for Sprint users – if you’ve got any fears about the carrier getting rid of your unlimited data plan, you’ve got nothing to worry about. At least that’s what Sprint’s Chief Technology Officier, Stephen Bye, said when he addressed the crowd at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco today. While its main competitors like Verizon and AT&T slashing their unlimited plans and introducing tiered data plans, Sprint remains […]

Netflix implements new streaming restrictions (updated)
Bad news for Netflix customers on streaming-only plans. Following the footsteps of its price increase, the company has decided to add on a new restriction to its video on-demand service. It has been reported that as of last weekend, streaming customers will have to fork out an additional $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming.Previously, streaming-only accounts could be used to stream videos from an unlimited amount of devices for no […]


AT&T confirms throttling for users with unlimited data plans
When a carrier has something to announce about its unlimited plans – it’s usually not a good sign. Not too long ago carriers were all about discontinuing the unlimited plans for new customers and not too long after that came the announcement of throttling data speeds on unlimited plans. Latest one to join the bandwidth throttling party is AT&T.Via a press release today, the company has officially announced that it […]

MoviePass offers exclusive subscription service for unlimited movies in theaters
What’s better than watching an unlimited amount of movies on your TV screen in your living room? How about an unlimited number of movies at the theater instead? If you like the sound of that, you’ll be interested in MoviePass. Movie Pass has just announced the private beta of its first ever exclusive subscription service that will allow movie enthusiasts to watch an unlimited number of movies at a fixed […]

T-Mobile confirms new, unlimited plans
Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile users will be able to sign up for new single-line unlimited plans that start at $79.99/month for Even More customers and $59.99 for Even More Plus customers. Only available for a limited time, these plans give customers unlimited text, data (2GB cap, then the throttle kicks in), and talk time (from T-Mobile to T-Mobile) though I believe the ones who will be hopping to this plan are […]