AT&T logoWhen a carrier has something to announce about its unlimited plans – it’s usually not a good sign. Not too long ago carriers were all about discontinuing the unlimited plans for new customers and not too long after that came the announcement of throttling data speeds on unlimited plans. Latest one to join the bandwidth throttling party is AT&T.

Via a press release today, the company has officially announced that it will be throttling its users on the unlimited data plan starting October 1st. While they didn’t mention how much data usage a subscriber has to use before they get throttled, they did say that it will only be affecting the top 5% of bandwidth users. So if you’re a regular use who doesn’t tether your phone to torrent files and you don’t watch 10 movies a day over Netflix – you’re probably safe and this won’t affect you. No word on what speeds users will be capped at either.

While it isn’t great to have throttled bandwidth – at least it’s still unlimited. After all throttled and unlimited is better than metered right? How many of you think you will be affected by the bandwidth throttle this coming October?

[Press Release]

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